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Explore Europe: the European Union Delegation to China holds the “2020 European Cultural Street”in Shanghai

22/10/2020 - 06:28

On Saturday 24 October 2020, the European Union Delegation to China is pleased to hold the European Cultural Streetat the West Square of ASE Mall in Shanghai. On this occasion, the 27 Member States of the European Union will display a rich variety of typical European gastronomy, culture, and entertainment.

The European Union Delegation in Beijing is the diplomatic representation of the European Union in China; it aims at promoting cooperation and exchanges between China and Europe in a vast range of domains such as culture, education, politics, trade, science.

In previous years, the European Cultural Streethas taken place in Beijing, and introduced many European habits, performances and specialties to the inhabitants of the capital. This year, the EU Delegation and the 27 member states of the EU are bringing authentic specialties and performances to Shanghai, so that friends in Shanghai can also experience the authentic European way of life get a feeling of the longstanding European culture.

On Saturday 24 October, the 27 EU member states will set up booths to present typical food, drinks, specialties and culture, such as exquisite Czech crystals, delicious chocolate from Luxembourg and colourful folk costumes from Romania. In one single day and one single place, the visitors will be able to experience the habits and cultures of 27 different European countries, to taste famous food and wine, and also to have in-depth exchanges with representatives of the consulates that will be present. Irish dancing, Spanish flamenco, Austrian waltz and other performances will ignite the atmosphere. Travel KOLs will share their personal experiences across Europes best spots, giving visitors tips to prepare future journeys.

In addition to the booths organized by the 27 countries, the booth of the European Union Delegation to China will issue a special passport to every guest. Visitors will be invited to collect stamps at every booths, and rewarded with a gift after collecting all the stamps.

The European Union Delegation to China aims at reinforcing the already close ties between the European and Chinese cultures, and at celebrating the long history of both China and Europe through this entertaining event.

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