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Understand, communicate and cooperate in getting the facts right: EU steps up action against disinformation

Brussels, 10/06/2020 - 12:00, UNIQUE ID: 200611_1
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EU News 146/2020

The European Commission and the EU High Representative presented today an assessment of response to disinformation amidst the outbreak of coronavirus and suggested steps and new actions to be quickly mobilised to protect the public health and societal resilience.
The coronavirus crisis has opened the door to new risks, for citizens to be exploited or be victims of criminal practices. This is in addition to targeted disinformation campaigns by foreign and domestic actors seeking to undermine our democracies and the credibility of the EU and of national or regional authorities. This is what the EU assessment identified as one of the key challenges of so-called ‘infodemic' around COVID-19.
Improving the understanding of false or misleading information, and its various forms, is one of the crucial steps to take to be able to develop and deploy a range of different responses.
Clear, accessible and proactive communication and accurate information have been central to protecting citizens' health and the EU has played a role in this through its institutions, networks in  the Member  States, in its  neighbourhood and beyond - from promoting reliable  health information, to raising  awareness of the risks of disinformation. And it will continue to invest in its strategic communication capabilities, in line with the EU's Action Plan against Disinformation, stepping up cooperation and coordination with Member States.

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