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Enhancement of vulnerable children protection mechanisms in Uzbekistan

05/07/2018 - 13:52
Democracy and Human Rights

The action aims to improve child rights legislation and protection, as well as the provision of social support, in Uzbekistan.

It will do so by strengthening cooperation among CSOs, communities and public authorities in the promotion and protection of child rights, through a community-based model of social support provision.

Overall objective is to contribute to improvement of child rights legislation/ protection and social support in Uzbekistan.

Specific objective is to strengthened cooperation among CSOs, communities, and public authorities in protection and promotion of child's rights through community-based model of social support provision.

Estimated results:

  1. Community and government organisations working in child protection area are able to fully utilise theoretical knowledge into practice in pilot regions.
  2. Newly established joint teams successfully practice community-based model of social support through provision of necessary assistance to vulnerable families.
  3. Model of community-based social support provision to vulnerable families promoted at national level.


Total Cost (EUR): 235 028.71

EU contracted amount (EUR): 199 774.40

Duration: December 2015 - January 2018


Funding Instrument: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

Benefitting zone: Uzbekistan

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