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11/04/2021 - HR/VP Blog – The world is horrified by the bloody military coup in Myanmar, with reports of more than 80 people killed in Bago last Friday. We are pursuing a robust diplomatic initiative in close coordination with like-minded partners. However, geopolitical competition in Myanmar makes it difficult to find common ground, to halt the violence and ensure a return to democracy.

30.3.2021 – Blog des Hohen Vertreters und Vizepräsidenten – Letzte Woche schlug der Europäische Rat in den Beziehungen zwischen der EU und der Türkei möglicherweise ein neues Kapitel auf. Die EU-Führungsspitzen sind bereit, wichtige Wege der Zusammenarbeit zu beschreiten, darunter die Modernisierung der Zollunion, die Wiederaufnahme hochrangiger Dialoge und direkte Kontakte zwischen den Menschen sowie eine verstärkte Zusammenarbeit beim Migrationsmanagement.

30/03/2021 – HR/VP Blog – Last week, the European Council opened what should be a new chapter in EU-Turkey relations. EU leaders are ready to engage on important avenues of cooperation including the modernisation of the Customs Union, the relaunching of high-level dialogues and people-to-people contacts, plus strengthened cooperation on migration management.

30/03/2021 – Blog du HR/VP – La semaine dernière, le Conseil européen a ouvert ce qui devrait être un nouveau chapitre des relations entre l’UE et la Turquie. Les dirigeants de l’UE sont prêts à entamer des discussions concernant des axes de coopération importants, dont la modernisation de l’union douanière, la relance des dialogues à haut niveau et des contacts interpersonnels, ainsi que le renforcement de la coopération en matière de gestion des migrations.

30/03/2021 – Blogue do AR/VP – Na semana passada, o Conselho Europeu deu início ao que poderá ser um novo capítulo nas relações entre a UE e a Turquia. Os líderes da UE estão dispostos a abrir vias de cooperação importantes, como a modernização da União Aduaneira, o relançamento dos diálogos de alto nível e dos contactos interpessoais, bem como o reforço da cooperação em matéria de gestão da migração.

30/03/2021 – Blog dell'AR/VP – La settimana scorsa il Consiglio europeo ha aperto quello che potrebbe essere un nuovo capitolo nelle relazioni UE-Turchia. I leader dell'UE sono pronti ad avviare importanti percorsi di cooperazione, tra cui la modernizzazione dell'unione doganale, il rilancio dei dialoghi ad alto livello e dei contatti interpersonali, nonché una cooperazione rafforzata in materia di gestione della migrazione.

29 марта Верховный Представитель ЕС по иностранным делам и политике безопасности — Заместитель Председателя Европейской Комиссии Жозеп Боррель опубликовал следующий блог:


29/03/2021 – HR/VP Blog – Last week the pace of international developments accelerated. All the EU’s relationships with the world’s key strategic actors have been in play, i.e. with the US, China, Russia and Turkey. But we have also seen important developments in their relationships with each other. Many events seem to indicate the often-announced confrontation between democracies and authoritarian regimes. However, even if Russia and China seem to join forces to face the “Western world”, the future geopolitical landscape of a multipolar world is not simple.