Delegation of the European Union to Belarus

European Union will support Resource Efficiency policy in Belarus

31/07/2019 - 11:34

Financial Agreement “EU4Belarus: Resource Efficiency Facility for Belarus” was countersigned by Mikhail Malashenko, Head of Department for Energy Efficiency of the State Committee for Standardisation.

This new joint collaboration programme with a budget of 15 million EUR will be available to enhance the efficiency of the use of energy and natural resources in the Republic of Belarus. Brest and Hrodna regions will be pilot regions for this programme.

Technical assistance will strengthen capacities of the government in formulating and regulating policy in key areas. European Union will also support policy dialogue, coordination among and synergy between key sector stakeholders (government agencies; local administration and civil society involved in energy efficiency), donors, potential investors and other players. The programme will help to identify and design interventions to propagate investments to save energy and introduce alternatives for better resource management. It will provide for pilot actions to upgrade municipal and private infrastructure in the targeted regions.


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