Delegation of the European Union to Belarus

Cross-border Water Inspectors: Towards Joint Monitoring and Development of Water Resources of the Pripyat River Basin

15/04/2019 - 14:30
Environment and Climate Action

Period: December 2017 – January 2019 Budget: Euro 277,800, EU contribution: Euro 250,000 (89.99% of the total amount) Implementing agency: Interakcia Local Foundation for the Development of International Dialogue and Cooperation Leading partner: Pinsk District Executive Committee Locations: Pinsk District (Belarus), Lyubešiv District (Ukraine)

Small rivers are important sources of drinking water, critical for agricultural development and ecosystem support in entire regions. The Pripyat basin rivers also have an impact on the condition of the Black Sea, into which the Pripyat flows. Today, these water bodies are highly polluted. The Project is designed to preserve and facilitate the development of the regional environment.

Goals and objectives: Develop a cross-border system for monitoring small rivers of the Pripyat basin. Promptly identify and address problems.

Interim outcomes: About two dozen eco-posts will be established under the Project to monitor river water and clean up the banks. They will engage about 400 people.

Thematic lessons are planned for students in Pinsk and Lyubešiv Districts. Compact labs will help young ecologists learn to measure water contamination; the data will then be sent to regional environmental inspections for taking measures and for posting at a specialized website. The website will help local residents find out about issues with rivers running through their villages and towns.

A water supply line will be run in the agrotown of Asniežycy, Pinsk District, and a recreation zone will be arranged in the vicinities of the Karastynka river, Lyubešiv District.

A summer cross-border camp and a cross-border water festival of small rivers will be held in Pinsk District.

The Project provides for the development of the Plan of Cross-Boundary Management of the Pripyat Basin Small Rivers and Water Resources, aimed at comprehensive protection of these water bodies.

Points of Contacts: Svetlana Poddubnaya, Project Manager (Interakcia Foundation), +375 17 280 13 30, +375 29 383 59 83

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