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About the EU Delegation to Bangladesh

11/05/2016 - 14:29
About us - structure and organisation

Our Delegation represents the EU in Bangladesh. We work closely with all of the EU member countries who have diplomatic representation in Bangladesh.

This Delegation represents the EU as a whole, as part of the EU's unified diplomatic corps – the European External Action Service. Our Head of Delegation (Ambassador) is the official representative of the EU in Bangladesh.

The Delegation functions much like an Embassy and represents the EU in its dealings on political issues, trade, development, cooperation, etc.

By engaging with political actors, the media, academics, business circles, civil society and citizens, we raise awareness of EU issues and concerns, and promote a stronger partnership between the EU and Bangladesh.

Dear Visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh! This is your first point of contact for information related to the European Union (EU) and its activities and programmes in Bangladesh.

The EU continues to be a strong partner of Bangladesh for over 40 years. During this period, the EU has played a major role in Bangladesh's journey to progressively elevate itself from a war-torn country to a country of lower middle income status.

With its liberal trade regime, the EU has provided Bangladesh a platform to become the second largest exporter of readymade garment (RMG) in the world. Today, about 56 percent of exports from Bangladesh go to the EU, the bulk of which is RMG. The RMG revolution has also been instrumental in ensuring economic freedom to a sizable proportion of women in this country. The EU feels honoured to be a part of this achievement.

In the areas of social and rural development in this country, the EU and its Members States have been able to maintain their positions as top grant donors for decades. The European Union is also respected in Bangladesh for its role in helping the country consolidate democracy. The Election Observation Mission (EOM) of the EU has broad acceptance by all political parties and actors in this country.  

For over a decade, the Erasmus Programme has allowed young Bangladeshi students to pursue masters and doctoral studies in various top-class universities in Europe. Alongside that, various public and private universities in Bangladesh are also benefitting from the Erasmus Programme.

The deep cooperation between the EU and Bangladesh cannot be summarized in this brief summery. I would therefore, encourage you to explore the website to learn more about the EU-Bangladesh relations. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer them.

Rensje Teerink

Ambassador and the Head of Delegation

Head of Delegation

  • Ms. Rensje Teerink, Ambassador & the Head of Delegation
  • Ms Birgit Hauk - Attaché, Executive Assistant to Ambassador & HoD
  • Ms Rafia Akhtar Dalia - Senior Secretary


Political, Economic, Press & Information Section

  • Mr Jeremy Opritesco - Head of Section
  • Mr Abu Syed Belal - Advisor, Trade
  • Ms Anjum Aziz - Senior Programme Officer, Media and Communication
  • Ms Cherrie Merylin - Senior Secretary


Finance & Contracts Section

  • Mr Mario Bruno - Counsellor, Head of Section
  • Ms Agnese Zviedre - Finance, Contracts & Audit
  • Ms Laura Cecchi - Finance & Contracts Manager
  • Mr Aris Thomas - Attaché, Audit Task Manager
  • Mr Ion Stan - Attaché, Finance & Contracts Manager
  • Mr Tysir Quader Chowdhury - Finance Officer
  • Mr Anjon Baroi - Finance Officer
  • Mr Sabinoy Chakma - Secretary
  • Mr Ronald Rony Gomes - Secretary



  • Mr Andreas Heuberger - Head of Administration
  • Mr Md Mostafizur Rahman - Administrative Assistant
  • Ms Tamanna Hasan - Senior Administrative Officer - Protocol
  • Mr Kamal Hossain Sarkar - IT Support Officer
  • Mr Ashrafuzzaman - Human Resource Officer
  • Mr Shreebash Saha - Accountant
  • Mr Md Belayet Hossain - Assistant Accountant
  • Ms Shoma Gomez - Documentation Management Officer cum Secretary
  • Ms Farzana Khaleque - Receptionist cum Training Coordinator
  • Mr Kishore K Barua - Driver
  • Mr Khalilur Rahman - Driver
  • Mr Sarwar Meazi - Driver
  • Mr Abdul Awal Chowdhury - Driver
  • Mr Kamruzzaman Khan - Driver
  • Mr Anwar Hossain - Driver
  • Mr Tariqul Islam - Messenger



  • Mr Maurizio Cian - Head of Cooperation
  • Ms Isabella Ferrari - Cooperation Coordination Officer
  • Mr Aminul Islam­ - Senior Secretary



  • Ms Amaia Zabala - Second Secretary, Team Leader
  • Mr Daniel Rackowski - Programme Manager - Governance
  • Mr Alexandru Calota - Programme Manager – Governance
  • Mr Nurul Quader - Programme Manager- Governance
  • Ms Laila Jasmin Banu - Programme Manager - Governance & Human Rights
  • Ms Rahima Ahmed - Senior Secretary


Food Security and Nutrition, and Sustainable Development

  • Mr Koen Everaert - Second Secretary, Team Leader
  • Ms Assunta Testa- Attaché, Programme Manager - Food & Nutrition Security
  • Ms Meriem El Harouchi  - Attaché, Programme Manager - Social Protection
  • Mr Dario Trombetta - Attaché, Programme Manager - Sustainable Development
  • Ms Chiara Vidussi - Attaché, Programme Manager - Investment Grants/Blending
  • Ms Meher Nigar Bhuiyan - Programme Manager - Food & Nutrition Security
  • Mr Shyamal Bikash Chakma - Senior Secretary


Education & Human Development

  • Mr Hans Lambrecht - First Secretary, Team Leader
  • Ms Wieke Waterschoot, Attaché /Programme Manager – Primary Education (Technical Assistance) & Urban Health
  • Ms Funda Celikel Esser, Attaché /Programme Manager – Skills & Employment
  • Mr Francesco Elicio - Programme Manager
  • Ms Kishower Amin - Programme Manager
  • Ms Nadia Rashid, Programme Manager – Primary Education (Budget Support) & Urban Health
  • Ms Jui Chakma, Programme Manager – Skills (Budget Support) & Erasmus
  • Ms Ripa Chakma - Senior Secretary


ECHO Office 

  • Ms Daniela D'Urso - Head of Office
  • Mr Luc Soenen - Technical Assistant, Cox’s Bazar
  • Mr Marco Menestrina - Technical Assistant, Cox’s Bazar
  • Mr Mokit Billah - Programme assistant
  • Mr Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman - Adminstration & Finance Assistant
  • Mr Shahrier Aswad - Adminstration & Finance Assistant, Cox’s Bazar
  • Mr Mohammad Salahuddin - Chauffeur-cum-Logistician
  • Mr Abdul Wahid Sujan - Chauffeur-cum-Logistician
  • Mr Ziabul Hossain - Chauffeur-cum-Logistician, Cox’s Bazar
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