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Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh

About the EU Delegation to Bangladesh

Our Delegation represents the EU in Bangladesh. We work closely with all of the EU member countries who have diplomatic representation in Bangladesh.

This Delegation represents the EU as a whole, as part of the EU's unified diplomatic corps – the European External Action Service. Our Head of Delegation (Ambassador) is the official representative of the EU in Bangladesh.

The Delegation functions much like an Embassy and represents the EU in its dealings on political issues, trade, development, cooperation, etc.

By engaging with political actors, the media, academics, business circles, civil society and citizens, we raise awareness of EU issues and concerns, and promote a stronger partnership between the EU and Bangladesh.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Delegation of the European Union to Bangladesh.

Our site is intended to help you learn more about the European Union, EU-Bangladesh relations and the activities of the EU Delegation in Dhaka.

Relations between the EU and Bangladesh have developed significantly since the opening of the Delegation in 1989. The EC-Bangladesh Cooperation Agreement of 2001 covers trade and economic development, human rights, good governance and environment. Humanitarian action is also a key element of our engagement.

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in the last few years, including steady economic growth allowing the achievement of most Millennium Development Goals.  Meanwhile, the EU has become an ever closer union of 28 Member States and a key player in international affairs thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, adopted in 2009, that gives a renewed impetus to the EU Common Foreign Policy worldwide. The scope of our engagement has therefore been enlarged accordingly and now includes diplomatic issues.

The EU is Bangladesh's first trading partner, as it is the biggest export market for Bangladeshi products and the second largest source of imports. The EU offers Bangladesh technical assistance and capacity building in numerous areas. The Multi Annual Indicative Programme 2014-2020, benefiting from unprecedented budgetary allocations, is further developing this momentum.

It is my aim as the Ambassador of the European Union to strengthen and deepen the long-standing relation between the EU and Bangladesh.

Enjoy exploring our website and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments. Your feedback is a prime source of inspiration.

Pierre Mayaudon
Ambassador & the Head of Delegation

Head of Delegation

  • Mr Pierre Mayaudon, Ambassador & the Head of Delegation
  • Ms Stella Del Castillo - Attaché, Executive Assistant to Ambassador & HoD
  • Ms Rafia Akhtar Dalia - Senior Secretary


Political, Economic, Press & Information Section

  • Konstantinos Vardakis - Minister Counsellor, Head of Section
  • Mr Abu Syed Belal - Advisor, Trade
  • Ms Anjum Aziz - Senior Programme Officer, Media and Communication
  • Ms Cherrie Merylin - Senior Secretary


Finance & Contracts Section

  • Mr Joseph Buckley - Counsellor, Head of Section
  • Ms Jutta Woernert - Attaché, Finance, Contracts & Audit
  • Ms Elisaveta Alexandrova Lipman - Attaché, Audit Task Manager
  • Mr Thomas Helmberger - Attaché, Finance, Contracts & Audit
  • Mr José Rodrigo - Attaché, Finance & Contracts Manager
  • Mr Anjon Baroi - Finance Officer
  • Mr Sabinoy Chakma - Secretary
  • Mr Ronald Rony Gomes - Secretary



  • Mr Mark Ronge - Attaché, Head of Administration
  • Mr Kazi Azizul Haque - Advisor, Administration
  • Ms Tamanna Hasan - Senior Administrative Officer - Protocol
  • Mr Kamal Hossain Sarkar - IT Support Officer
  • Mr Ashrafuzzaman - Human Resource Officer
  • Mr Shreebash Saha - Accountant
  • Mr Md Belayet Hossain - Assistant Accountant
  • Ms Shoma Gomez - Documentation Management Officer cum Secretary
  • Ms Farzana Khaleque - Receptionist cum Training Coordinator
  • Mr Kishore K Barua - Driver
  • Mr Khalilur Rahman - Driver
  • Mr Sarwar Meazi - Driver
  • Mr Abdul Awal Chowdhury - Driver
  • Mr Kamruzzaman Khan - Driver
  • Mr Anwar Hossain - Driver
  • Mr Tariqul Islam - Messenger



  • Mr Mario Ronconi­­ - Minister Counsellor, Head of Unit - Head of Cooperation
  • Ms Evangelina Blanco Gonzalez - Attaché, Coordination & Aid Effectiveness Manager
  • Mr Aminul Islam­ - Senior Secretary



  • Ms Anna Lixi - Counsellor, Team Leader
  • Eduard Pesendorfer - Attaché, Programme Manager – Governance
  • Ms Rubayat Jesmin - Senior Programme Manager - Governance and Economic Cooperation
  • Mr Nurul Quader - Programme Manager- Governance
  • Ms Laila Jasmin Banu - Programme Manager - Governance & Human Rights
  • Ms Rahima Ahmed - Senior Secretary
  • Ms Sadia - Senior Secretary


Food Security and Nutrition, and Sustainable Development

  • Ms Doerte Bosse - First Counsellor, Team Leader
  • Mr Manfred Fernholz - Attaché, Programme Manager - Food Security
  • Ms Assunta Testa- Attaché, Programme Manager - Food & Nutrition Security
  • Ms Meriem El Harouchi  - Attaché, Programme Manager - Social Protection
  • Mr Mohammad Sifayet Ullah - Programme Manager - Climate Change & Disaster Preparedness
  • Mr Owasim Akram - Programme Manager – Livelihoods & Resilience
  • Mr Shyamal Bikash Chakma - Senior Secretary


Education & Human Development

  • Mr Jurgen Heimann - Minister Counsellor, Team Leader
  • Ms Laila Baqee - Advisor - Education
  • Ms Nadia Rashid - Project Manager - Health
  • Ms Ripa Chakma - Secretary


ECHO Office 

  • Roman Majcher- Interim Head of Office
  • Mr Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman - Adminstration & Finance Assistant
  • Mr. Mokit Billah - Programme assistant
  • Mr Mohammad Salahuddin - Chauffeur-cum-Logistician
  • Mr Abdul Wahid Sujan - Chauffeur-cum-Logistician
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