Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan

Festival of Tolerance launched in Baku

13/10/2017 - 13:55

The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the Embassies of the EU Member States accredited in Azerbaijan, Embassies of Switzerland, Norway, Moldova, Peru, Israel, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Brazil, Park Cinema, Landmark Hotel, "United Cultures", Baku Media Centre, YARAT and with the support of Turkish Airlines and ASAN radio 100 FM, organizes the first edition of IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival. IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival aims to promote the values of the intercultural dialogue and tolerance through different expressions of art.

IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival will be held in Baku from 12 to 20 October 2017. It will be one of the biggest international Festivals held in Azerbaijan. Focusing on one theme of Tolerance, the topic will find its reflection in various genres of arts - cinema, music, dance and performance, in general.


"I am proud to say that Baku will become from 12 to 20 October the capital of tolerance. IMAGINE EURO Tolerance Festival will be the first festival of this kind in a third country supported and organised by the EU. Come and join me during the Days of Tolerance", Ambassador Kestutis Jankauskas, Head of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan said.


The programme of the Festival tries to promote exchanges, debates, encounters between creative people from the EU and Azerbaijan. During the Festival days, 34 film screenings, 9 debate sessions with well-known film directors, producers and actors from Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Israel as well as Azerbaijan, 6 concerts with famous visiting musicians, 2 workshops and 1 theatre performance will be organized. On 18 October within the frameworks of the Festival, an award ceremony for the winners of Imagine Photo/Video contest on the theme of tolerance will take place. 


IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival will have two venues: Landmark (90 Nizami St.) and Park Cinema at Flame Towers. Entrance to all films is free of charge on "first come first served" basis. The Imagine Festival will be conducted in parallel with the sister documentary festivals, DokuBaku Documentary Film Festival and Cinema for Social Change promoted by Mickiewicz Foundation and the Embassy of Poland.


The whole programme of the IMAGINE Euro Tolerance Festival and DokuBaku Documentary Film Festival as well as Cinema for Social Change is accessible from the web-site of the EU Delegation or web-site supported by the EU Delegation.



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