Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan


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The European Union welcomes the actions taken by Armenia and Azerbaijan and facilitated by Georgia that led to the release by Azerbaijan of 15 Armenian detainees and the handing over by Armenia of maps of mined areas on Saturday. 

These are important humanitarian and confidence building gestures by Baku and Yerevan that will hopefully open the path for further cooperation between the sides and the ultimate release of all Armenian detainees, as well as the handing over of all available maps of mined areas to avoid further civilian casualties. 


“I used to be very afraid when going to school and struggling to concentrate on my studies” says Chinsisi, a 14-year-old brave boy with albinism defying odds to remain in school and study. Object of myths fuelled by superstition, people with albinism like Chinsisi, face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide.

On 10 June, a Kick off conference on launching of the EU-Azerbaijan Twinning Project was held via the Zoom platform by the Azerbaijani Food Safety Agency (AFSA), the European Union (EU) Delegation, Latvia and Lithuania as implementing partners on the EU Member State side with participation of some 50 other stakeholders from state institutions as well as non-governmental organizations.


World Oceans Day reminds us of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They are the lungs of our planet and a major source of food and medicine and a critical part of the biosphere. Thousands of sea animals are killed each year as a result of marine pollution. Almost one third of reef forming corals, and more than a third of marine mammals are now threatened with extinction. The disappearance of tropical coral reefs also threatens to destroy the livelihoods of half a billion people. Together we can all try to protect our ocean.


We have been exploiting and destroying our planet’s ecosystems way too long. The world loses forest the size of a football pitch every three seconds. Pollution compromises ecosystems and triggers biodiversity loss as never before. World Environment Day comes just one day after the 2021 edition of the European Green Week, an opportunity to bring people together to find solutions and concrete actions to tackle pollution once and for all, making the ambition for a zero-pollution and toxic-free environment a reality.

Recent developments on the Armenia/Azerbaijan border are both dangerous and worrying. Immediate de-escalation is needed. The European Union urges both sides to refrain from any further military deployment and actions. All forces should pull back to positions held before 12 May and both sides should engage in negotiations on border delimitation and demarcation. We continue to call on Azerbaijan to release all prisoners of war and detainees without delay. We welcome all efforts aimed at decreasing tensions, including proposals for a possible international observation mission.

Call for Proposals – Submission of Concept Notes to support the preparation of Cultural Development Strategies in the framework of the EU funded project EU4Culture Promoting Culture & Creativity as an Engine for Economic Growth and Social Development in Eastern Partnership Countries

On 23 May, the Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan in cooperation with the Young European Ambassadors organized a so-called European Intellectual Competition. The event titled “How well do you know the European Union?” was held as part of the Europe Days festivities.