Delegation of the European Union to Azerbaijan

Support to ASAN for strengthening data analysis and small business development initiative

06/10/2017 - 13:05
Better Public Services

The contract started on October 2016 and it will be completed on February 2018.

Global objective: to improve quality, transparency and efficiency of the delivery of public services in Azerbaijan.
Specific objectives are:
1) to support and further strengthen analytical and data analysis capacity of ASAN;
2) to analyse possible functions ABAD can play as one-stop-shop for small family business development (focused on agro-food processing) within the ASAN context

Contracting Authority: EU Delegation to Azerbaijan on behalf of the Government of Azerbaijan.
Beneficiary: ASAN Service

The required services are the following:

A. Support to ASAN on further strengthening analytical capacity

Analyse how ASAN uses different sources of information and data to measure citizen's satisfaction, e.g data from call centre, questionnaires/surveys, or data from exit polls etc. Assess coordination and other functions necessary to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the client-oriented services of the ASAN centres based on international best practices.

Organise study tour for ASAN staff to get acquainted with the best practices on data analysis in public services to one of the centres/institutions in Europe providing similar public services as ASAN.

B. Support to ABAD

Analyse and assess possible functions of ABAD as one-stop-shop for small family business development (focused on agro-food processing) within the ASAN context.

Analyse cost-effectiveness of developing other ABAD centers within the ASAN structure and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

Organise study tour for ASAN/ABAD staff to one of the centers/institutions in Europe specialised in development of small family business (in particular agro-food processing).

Organise final workshop or visibility event with all stakeholders to present main outputs of the project (approx. 30 participants).

Study Tours:

ASAN Study Tour: A study visit for experts’ exchange took place to Belgium, identified as one of the best e-government service providers in Europe.

ABAD study Tour: The next study tour will be implemented on 17th of October to Cork . The study has as its primary objectives the exchange of information about activities and support mechanisms in the Irish food sector.

The Project Team is composed by:

Team Leader, Business Development Expert: Mr. Stephen O'Mullane

Data Analysis Expert: Mr. Lubomir Dimov

Expert on Financial Management : Syed Ali

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