Delegation of the European Union to Australia

WEBINAR: Financing the Circular Economy - 5pm Thursday 10 December.

08/12/2020 - 00:58
Online activities

Join the free webinar co-hosted by the European Union-Australian Climate Business Network and the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia.

The circular economy makes efficient use of existing resources so that they are not consumed and discarded but re-entered into a system that creates value again and again. This requires investment capital and innovative financial instruments that reflect the changing money flows and risks of these new ways of doing business.

This system shift fundamentally changes the role of both the business as well as the financier. In our webinar, we will endeavour to discuss questions such as:

• How are circular businesses different from their linear competitors?
• How can financiers adjust their ways of operating so that they enable circular innovations, and how can businesses attract investors by making their business model as appealing as possible for financiers?
• What kinds of risks and opportunities arise when switching from linear to circular business models?

Global Sustainability Advisor, Corporate Strategy and Sustainability


Jan is an expert in the integration of social, environmental and economic aspects in banking. He is actively contributing to the development of science based methods for the financial sector to tackle climate, biodiversity and circular economy challenges. For Chatham House, he is a member of the advisory board of the Circular Economy Programme. He is the author of UNEP's report Financing Circularity: Demystifying Finance for the Circular Economy. The recently published report outlines how the financial sector can scale up financing to accelerate the shift to circular business models in order to keep resources at their highest value in the long-term and to reduce waste.

Head of European Growth Policies 
Intesa Sanpaolo

Marco Boscolo is a Senior Manager in charge of European Growth Policies within the European and Regulatory Public Affairs Department of the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group. Marco graduated in Economics (specialisation in Marketing and Communication) in 2008 at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and after experience as a researcher at the Venice International University he has specialised in EU Affairs and institutional relations. 

He lives in Brussels since January 2011 where he worked both for public and private bodies, acquiring a deep knowledge of the European Institutions, EU regulatory process, main policies and funding programmes. He is an expert of sustainable finance, EU budget (MFF), digital single market, innovation, data and payments.

The upcoming webinar is an opportunity to hear European financial sector institutions present on comparative approaches to the role of finance and policy in enabling the transition through case studies including the global policy landscape, how the transition at national level is being supported, the policy and institutional capabilities required, and the approach to mobilizing capital for circular investments.