Delegation of the European Union to Australia


Delegation of the European Union to Australia

Postal address: 
18 Arkana Street Yarralumla
ACT 2600 Australia

Phone number: 
+61 2 6271 2777

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Services for journalists

To raise awareness and understanding of the European Union and its policies, the Communication and Public Diplomacy Section carries out a wide range of activities. They include the Delegation's website, targeted newsletters, publications and brochures, audio-visual products and numerous events that address the needs of various audiences interested in learning more about the European Union and the EU and Australia relations.

The Communication and Public Diplomacy Section organises interviews with EU officials, issues press releases on EU-related events, and organises press visits to the EU institutions.  It also offers the annual European Union Qantas Journalist Award.  The EUQJA is awarded in May of each year, and is open to an Australian journalist of not less than three years experience in the print or electronic media, who can satisfy the selection panel that he or she would benefit from a working visit to EU institutions and up to three Member States.

Journalists may subscribe to the Delegation's mailing list and regularly receive EU news including the weekly EU newsletter.  

You can also follow us on Facebook, and the Delegation has a small stock of free publications .

Head of the Delegation: 
Michael Pulch