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10/05/2016 - 13:30
About us - structure and organisation

Delegation of the European Union to Australia

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Australia at an exciting time in the EU-Australia relationship. We are hopefully about to start negotiating a free trade deal which will significantly enhance our relationship. We also recently signed a Framework Agreement that upgrades our bilateral political cooperation and held our first EU-Australia Leadership Forum that brought together leaders from all sectors.

This website will provide detailed information about these important initiatives as well as Australia's growing involvement in the EU's $A120 billion Horizon 2020 program where more than 80 Australian researchers are participating in programs worth more than $A300 million. I would also encourage as many Australians as possible to participate in the Erasmus+ program that has so far seen more than 360 Australians study in Europe since 2015.

In short, we want more Australians to do more with the EU.

And as you will discover on this website, there are plenty of opportunities with the EU which is the world's largest economy, the biggest trade player, the number one global development aid donor and major innovation hub.

The EU and Australia share strong bonds. Diplomatic relations were established in 1962, with the opening of the EU Delegation in Canberra in 1981.

Our shared values are rooted in common cultural and historic heritage. Together, the EU and Australia are promoting and defending democratic principles, human rights, the rule of law and good governance globally.

The Framework Agreement signed in Manila in August 2017 will form the new, upgraded basis for the many components of our existing and  future bilateral cooperation including in the areas of foreign policy, defence and security, trade, transport and climate action, research and innovation, energy security, regional stability and education.

The EU and Australia are also strong trade and investment partners. The EU remains the second largest trade partner of Australia, and first in services, with two-way trade worth more than $A80 billion in 2016 alone. The EU is also the number one investor in Australia with more $A950 billion invested in this nation. The EU remains one of the main destinations for Australian investments overseas amounting to $A170 billion.

Throughout this site, you will find relevant information about the European Union, its institutions, policies and global actions. In particular, you will find a dedicated press and media section which will help you stay regularly updated with the latest news and events on EU-Australia relations through our newsletters, press releases, and our main publications.

You can follow our Delegation on social media.

I look forward to your involvement and feedback.

Thank you for your interest in the European Union!

Dr Michael Pulch

EU Ambassador to Australia

The European Union is represented in Australia by a Delegation in Canberra which was established in 1981 holding full diplomatic privileges and immunities with the Head of Delegation accorded full ambassadorial status in Australia.

The Delegation is responsible for the conduct of official relations between Australia and the European Union. In all matters pertaining to the European Union, the Delegation works closely with the diplomatic missions of the EU Member States. The Delegation is a natural point of contact between the EU and the Australian authorities as well as other interested parties in these countries.

The principal tasks of the EU Delegation in Australia are:

  • To represent the European Union, as appropriate, in Australia.
  • To enhance bilateral relations in the political, security, economic, commercial, environment, social and cultural fields, including new opportunities for cooperation.
  • To inform the EU on political security, economic, trade and development matters in Australia.
  • To promote and protect the EU's interests and values and raise awareness of the EU and its policies particularly among our target audiences in Australia.

We do this by:

  • Making and maintaining contact with key interlocutors across the political, media, economic, commercial, education, environment, social and cultural fields at the federal and state level.
  • Keeping principal players in Australia informed of key developments in the EU.
  • Undertaking public diplomacy activities to promote the EU's interests and engender a better understanding of EU affairs, its policies, purpose and aims.
  • Facilitating the negotiation and implementation of bilateral agreements between the EU and Australia, through appropriate contacts and actions.
  • Seeking to develop and encourage initiatives to promote broadly based cooperation with the aim of strengthening the bilateral relationship.

The Delegation issues news releases and other publications on EU matters with relevance to Australia. The Delegation produces a free fortnightly e-newsletter aimed at an Australian audience with business, political and cultural interest in the EU also seeks to engage with these audiences via social media.

For more, see: Bilateral Relationship

Together with the official representations of the Member States in Australia there are several other organisations which promote relations between the EU and Australia:

Europe Centres: The goal of these Centres is to promote the study of the EU, to increase the understanding of EU-Australia relations, and to encourage and stimulate greater interest in EU affairs across all sectors: academia, government, business and industry, the media and the general public.

There are now five such centres in Australia:

  • The Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations at the University of South Australia;
  • The EU Centre for Global Affairs at the University of Adelaide;
  • The University of Melbourne EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges;
  • The EU Centre at RMIT in Melbourne;
  • The Australian National University Centre for European Studies (ANUCES).

European Australian Business Council (EABC) is a national body established to promote the business interests of the Member States of the European Union which are represented by Chambers of Commerce and Industry. It is based in Sydney.

There are also many bilateral organisations established to promote business, cultural and academic relations between Australia and the individual Member States of the European Union.


EU Ambassador to Australia

Dr Michael Pulch

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Dr Fabio Spadi

Head of Political, Press and Information Section

Human Rights Liaison
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Economic Counsellor
Head of Trade and Economic Section
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Ms Caroline LAMBERT

Climate and Environment Counsellor
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Mr Ladislaus Hermans

Head of Administration Section
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