Delegation of the European Union to Australia

Space mission: European envoys visit European Space Agency in Australia

30/10/2018 - 01:07
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A delegation of senior European diplomats visited the European Space Agency’s all-important deep space tracking station in rural Western Australia.

The group, which included eight Ambassadors and a High Commissioner, explored the New Norcia facility which is two hours north of Perth.

The facility includes a 35m telescope which provides crucial coverage of lift-offs from the ESA’s space facility in French Guiana.

The delegation learned the New Norcia operations are remotely controlled from Germany; that comets are known as ‘dirty snowballs’; and that ESA wants to build another 35m telescope at the site in conjunction with the newly formed Australian Space Agency. 


European envoys visit the ESA tracking station in WA.


The European Space Agency tracking station in New Norcia, which beamed in the very first images of Europe's very first mission to Mercury a week prior. The visit was the final stop on a 3-day action-packed visit to West Australia, covering the topics of trade, innovation, investment, culture and heritage.

The European envoys dined and discussed with business and political leaders, including WA Premier Mark McGowan  and Governor Kim Beazley.

Fruitful conversations with WA Governor Kim Beazley over lunch!

They glimpsed into the future Rio Tinto Australia's remote control centre & discovered how EU @Horizon 2020 funding is making the SKA radio telescope project history.

The group took a heritage tour of The Perth Mint & saw prototypes of the Dutch-designed Romanian-built Arctic icebreaker.

At Perth Mint to learn more about the gold mining legends that shaped WA.


Did you know Australia's new high-tech Antarctic icebreaker is Dutch designed and Romanian built?
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