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Horizon 2020 in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

27/02/2018 - 04:12
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Juha Sipilä, Finnish Prime Minister and the 5G


Horizon 2020 in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

– 5GChampion demonstrates 5G key enabling technologies-

The world's eyes are upon Pyeongchang in February and March 2018. The Korean government has taken the opportunity of the Winter Olympics and Para-olympics to promote Korea as a world leader in Information and Communications Technologies.

5G, the Internet of Things, Ultra High Definition TV and Virtual Realities are amongst many technologies that the Korean government has pushed forward during the Olympics. Pyeongchang and Gangneung have become an ad hoc ICT hub during the Olympics, attracting many researchers and engineers, who have temporarily moved in to test and promote their technologies.

One of the projects on show is 5G CHAMPION, an EU-Korea joint research and innovation project funded by Horizon 2020 and the Korean government. 5GChampion demonstrates the advances offered by 5G technology during the Pyeonchang Olympics. The project is implemented in two ways: an indoor and an outdoor demonstration. Firstly, there is a demonstration in the ICT Square located in Gangneung to prove the inter-continental connectivity and exciting applications such as Augmented Reality. The outdoor demonstration is set up on a moving bus to demonstrate and test moving hotspots in terms of speed and quality in line with a super multi-view 3D display.

During the 'EU-Korea Symposium on 5G' held on 23 February 2018 in Seoul, the 5GChampion team celebrated successful test results. In addition, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, one of the coordinators of the consortia along with CEA-LETI, announced a successful commercialisation of the mobile hotspot technology which had been developed by the project and which will be implemented on Seoul Metro Line number 8 as a start.

The Horizon 2020 5GChampion project is therefore proving to be a success. Hong-Taek YONG, Director General for Information and Communication Industry Policy of Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), spoke highly of the project, as one of the success stories of the open R&D international cooperation and the booth in the ICT Square is attracting 500 visitors per day during the week and 1,500 during the weekend. In addition, many VIPs including Juha Sipilä, Prime Minister of Finland, and Yong-soo KIM, the 2nd Vice Minister of the MSIT of Korea have visited the venue. The 5GChampion project is running from 2016 to 2018 and the second phase of joint project is also expected to launch in the near future. For more information, please refer to the project website:

5G CHAMPION mobile hotspot demonstration

5GChampion mobile hotspot demonstration

Equipment to test inter-continental connectivity, @ the 5G CHAMION booth in ICT Square, Kangneung

Equipment to test inter-continental connectivity, @ the 5GChampion booth in ICT Square, Kangneung

Experiencing Augmented Reality @ the 5G CHAMPION booth in ICT Square, Kangneung

Experiencing Augmented Reality @ the 5GChampion booth in ICT Square, Kangneung

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