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'Rethinking governance in a new era' conference in Melbourne

30/06/2017 - 03:53
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The EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges will be holding a conference on 'Rethinking governance in an era of global insecurities, regional tensions and rising nationalism' in Melbourne 17-19 July.

The EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges describes the upcoming three day conference, which will have one day sessions as well as a dive into our complex times.

There is a sense of crisis in international affairs at present. Globalisation is in crisis and generates crisis. Nationalism is on the rise, especially in extreme forms. Many observers are seeking solution in alternatives to global bodies and national solutions – in regional governance. Regional bodies such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have been seeking to deepen regional cooperation, while also experiencing major challenges. Emerging powers and shifting power dynamics of the US and China suggest greater complexity in tackling global challenges. The uncertainty following the election of Donald Trump and rising populism all point to insecurities at global, regional and national levels.

In the face of a strategic shift in the balance of power in international relations, might regional cooperation provide a means to manage global challenges? How might territorial disputes, nationalism, Brexit, the refugee crisis, a US ‘retreat’, a rise of China, and populism be tackled? These and other issues will be examined at this international conference. The conference is open to academics, policy makers and practitioners and to interested members of the public.

For more on the conference itself, and to register to attend see here.

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