Delegation of the European Union to Armenia

EuroTour - A Radio Show in Tajikistan: 30 Days with the European Union

Dushanbe, 11/05/2021 - 15:18, UNIQUE ID: 210511_12
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The EU Delegation in Tajikistan cooperates with local Radio Asia Plus to prepare a series of short radio-shows  called “EuroTour”.

Online EuroTour TJK

The month of May we tell the radio-listeners about the EU and run “30 Days with the European Union” programme. Every day of 27 days will be dedicated to an EU Member-state. The idea is to tell about the something very interesting to represent the EU MS to the Tajik audience, highlight any cultural or historical connections or stories between the EU MS and Tajikistan.

The Radio shows are broadcasted in month of May every day at 107fm at 07:50, 11:50, 16:50 Dushanbe time or online:

Enjoy the virtual tour to the European Union!


  1. Belgium

  2. Austria
  3. Germany
  4. Poland 
  5. Malta
  6. Italy
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Greece
  9. Europe Day - foundation of the European Union
  10. European Union - symbols
  11. Netherlands
  12. Estonia
  13. France
  14. Ireand
  15. Romania
  16. France (repeated)
  17. Portugal
  18. Bulgaria
  19. Hungary
  20. Cyprus
  21. Croatia
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Denmark
  24. Slovakia
  25. Sweden
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