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Innovative EU green energy products and technologies displayed in Seoul in 2020

06/02/2020 - 03:13

EU GATEWAY TO KOREA ‘Green Energy Technologies’ exhibition held at the COEX

In the era of global climate change, interest in sustainable development and environmentally friendly energy is growing, and effective energy management systems are drawing attention along with solar, wind power, and bio-fuel technology.

For the European Union the transition to a climate neutral economy by 2050 is a top priority. To achieve this, the European Commission presented the European Green Deal that sets a path for a sustainable green transition and will cut emissions while also fostering economic growth, improving people’s quality of life and preserving the environment.

Against this backdrop, the ‘Green Energy Technologies’ exhibition featuring technologies and products from some of Europe's most advanced green energy companies, will take place over two days at the Seoul COEX InterContinental Hotel’s Harmony Ballroom on 4–5 February 2020.

Part of the EU Gateway to Korea programme- that aims to facilitate long-term business cooperation between companies from EU member states with Korean businesses - the exhibition provides an opportunity to explore innovative green energy technologies from Europe in Seoul.


The event showcases European SMEs engaged in a wide variety of new and renewable energy sectors, including solar and wind power, geothermal and hydro power, biofuel technologies, and energy management and efficiency including solutions focused on the reduction of  carbon dioxide emissions. 

Products and technologies featured will include lithium battery management solutions for applications ranging from drones to ships; heat pumps for air-conditioning based on waste water energy; software for reducing the power consumption of compressed air systems used in the manufacturing industry; and energy monitoring sensors that combine AI with IoT to reduce building energy costs and resources.

The event will also highlight biomass and biofuel technologies, including solutions for processing livestock waste, biogas, and sewage sludge into organic fertilizer, fuel or bio charcoal, as  well as technology for on-site generation of high-purity hydrogen.  Energy management systems ranging from software for the design of solar power generators to a power generation solution capable of producing energy for a 10-story building through a combination of wind and solar power will also be on display.


Companies wishing to hold one-on-one business meetings at the EU-funded exhibition can make register on the EU Gateway to Korea website (

For all enquiries, please contact:  Operational & Logistics Unit Office
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About EU Gateway to Korea


EU Gateway to Korea is a business cooperation programme funded and managed by the European Union that aims to facilitate business relationships between European and Korean companies. Between 2016–20, the programme will host a total of 20 business missions in Korea in five industry sectors: Green Energy & Technologies, Environment & Water Technologies, Healthcare & Medical Technologies, Organic Food & Beverage, and Contemporary European Design. Up to 50 European hidden champions with outstanding products and technologies in their sector are selected for each business mission. Potential Korean partners have the opportunity to meet the participating companies and hold business talks at two-day business EU Gateway to Korea exhibitions held in Seoul, where they can seek opportunities for partnerships such as import, industrial and technological cooperation, and joint venture agreements.

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