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Call for proposals: ACP Innovation Fund for STI capabilities in ACP countries

03/10/2019 - 12:25

The African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) and the European Union (EU) have launched the ACP Innovation Fund call for proposals, in an effort to boost and optimise STI capacities in the countries concerned. The deadline for applications is on January 29, 2020. Publication reference: EuropeAid/166663/IH/ACT/Multi

The ACP Innovation Fund is a key component of the new "ACP-EU Programme to strengthen Research and Innovation capacity in ACP countries", which aim is to improve the capacity of research and innovation stakeholders, policy development and knowledge transfer.

The ACP and the EU will make available a budget of EUR 50,400,000 to advance solutions to the following challenges:

  • Digital literacy, knowledge and use of emerging technologies;
  • Effective links between research and innovation skills development and labour market demand;
  • Synergies in the R&I ecosystem in particular with the private sector; facilitating conditions for technology transfer; promoting R&I uptake;
  • Promoting local and indigenous knowledge and its use in combination with formal knowledge systems and practices
  • The overall available budget will be distributed in equal amounts by ACP regions, divided into six Lots.

Each Lot corresponds to a geographical area, namely: Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific. Proposed actions must take place primarily in one or more ACP Member States belonging to the Lot for which the proposals is submitted. The actions must be centred on supporting ACP research and innovation actors both financially – at least 65% of the total grant amount must be redistributed to so-called "third parties" – and technically, through transfer of skills, know-how and experience.

Third parties are organisations established in an ACP Member State of the targeted region and with experience in managing research and innovation projects. They can be, for instance,academic and research institutions, spin-offs, representatives of indigenous communities, agencies working for gender equality in research, innovation support organisations, start-ups.

Details on the eligibility criteria for applicants and third parties are provided in the Guidelines to the call. All eligible organizations interested in applying are invited to submit a proposal (both concept note and full application) by January 29, 2020.

Please see the publication website to access the Guidelines for grant applicants (available in English and French) and all related documents, with the reference EuropeAid/166663/IH/ACT/Multi.

An information session is scheduled in October (date to be confirmed soon) at the External Cooperation Infopoint in Brussels, Belgium. Lunchtime conferences are live streamed. Afterwards, the video of the conference will be available on the website:

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