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Transport Facilitation Project II

07/01/2019 - 15:09
Regional overview

The main objective of this project is to contribute to the growth of trade and exchanges intra and extra ECOWAS community through the provision of an environment of transport facilitation.

Expected results:

  • Operationalisation of the joint border posts (JBPs) through the completion of the works, equipment and support to the service;
  • Planning and management of road infrastructure, improved regional corridors through the strengthening of road information systems (RIS);
  • More efficient transport system corridors established in particular by the reduction of abnormal practices, more competitive/ more efficient customs ports, and a modernized trucking industry. 

Main activities:

  • Complete the JBPs of Malanville, Seme and Noepe works contracts: further works, the price revision;
  • Procure and install the supplies of furniture, in same JBPs;
  • Conduct studies on management modes and standard operating procedures for JPBs;
  • Conduct studies, technical assistance and workshops to support the establishment of Regional Transport Observatory;
  • Support activities of the observatoire des pratiques anormales (OPA) and the extension of its activities to take account of all the sections of the corridors cover (ports, customs, border, national terminals) and to cover the corridors of the region;
  • Support concrete and immediate actions (studies, others) to increase the efficiency of transport and reduction in the prices of transport;
  • Develop and implement plans for capacity-building (training, equipment) for the services responsible for regional transport or involved in the development of regional transport facilitation;
  • Support ROs and Member States to support the operationalization of the JBPs and their program of facilitation of transport. 

Main accomplishments to date: 

  • D+4 has been extended by 6 months to 10th Dec 2018 to allow UEMOA to complete its tendering process.
  • The procurement process for service and supply contracts to commence activities on operationalisation of Joint Border Posts has made significant progress as follows:
    • The Service Contract, awarded to NTU on a negotiated procedure, has kicked-off in Apr 2018 and implementation is ongoing in earnest.
    • The Supply Contracts have now been completed bar one LOT which had been extended by 180 days due to delays during customs clearance of some goods. Inauguration of the 2 Joint Border Posts (JBPs) is now planned during the last week of July 2018 at the margins of ECOWAS Heads of States Summit.
  • The Programme Estimate which had been finalised was due to be signed during Apr/May 2018 but still requires some input from ECOWAS as the budget requires several amendments. 



Source of funds:   10th EDF (2013/024-204)

Total budget (EUR):   27M

Implementation period: 5 years  

Implementing Agency:  ECOWAS &WAEMU

Geographical Area:  West Africa

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