Delegation of the European Union to Armenia

West African Response on Cybersecurity and Fight Against Cybercrime (OCWAR – C)

07/01/2019 - 14:52
Regional overview

The overall objective of this project is to Contribute to enhance security and combat cyber-crime in the ECOWAS region.

Specific objectives:

RIP: Priority Area 1; Specific objective 2: Support for regional initiatives to address the main threats to peace, security and stability; 

Component 1: Strengthening coordination and cooperation in security;

Component 4 : Implementation of programmes to deal with other specific threats facing the region. 


Expected results: 

Result 1: resilience and robustness of information infrastructure are improved 

Result 1.1. Strategic framework enhancing technical, operational and analytic expertise of national institutions concerned with cybersecurity is established;

Result 1.2. Cybersecurity awareness and better comprehension of the governance of the internet are improved;  

Result 1.3. Capacities to handle computer security incidents for 2 pilot countries are enhanced;  

Result 1.4. Compliance with human rights and the rule of law for 2 pilot countries is strengthened;  

Result 1.5. Strategic framework to implement Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for 2 pilot countries is analysed;  

Result 2: capacities of relevant stakeholders in charge of fight against cybercrime are improved; 

Result 2.1. Legal framework enabling citizens to enjoy the digital dividends of an open, free, secure and resilient cyberspace is improved;  

Result 2.2. Capacities to respond to cybercrime cases for 2 pilot countries are enhanced.  



Contracting phase


Source of funds: 11th EDF (CRIS ref: 2017/040-386)

EU Contribution (EUR): 8M 

Implementation period:  2018 - 2022

Implementation agencies:  EU MS Agency (EFI TBC)

Geographical region: West Africa

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