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Construction works for renewal with reconstruction of the railway section Bitola-Kremenica, as part of Xd of Corridor X

20/09/2017 - 16:57
Transport and Infrustructure

The purpose of this contract is reconstruction of the non-electrified single –track railway section Bitola-Kremenica of a length of app. 17 km, as part of Xd of Corridor X in accordance with FIDIC1999 conditions of contract ('Red Book'). The contractor shall ensure that the construction work is in accordance with all the requirements in the detailed design, technical standard for quality and quantities, work progress, implementation of the environmental criteria during the reconstruction and defect liability period.

The works on this section of the railway line include the following main activities:

  • renewal of app. 17 km (from km 129.310 to km 146.190) of the permanent way with increasing the bearing capacity;
  • construction of one station at Zabeni and reconstruction of one halt at Kravari including track alignment (sidings);
  • 10 level crossings in this section will be converted into secured level crossings; 6 existing bridges to be demolished and constructed anew; 3 existing bridges to be demolished and replaced with culverts;
  • belonging signalling and telecommunication and ERTMS (level 1).

Design speed is 100 km/h, axle load: 250 KN, structural gauge: UIC C. The subject section will be closed for railway operations during the performance of the works.


Contractor's name: STRABAG Rail GmbH Deutschland,

Beneficiary institution: Ministry of Transport and Communications

Contract value (€): 17,119,523.06

IPA-NCF ratio: 85%-15%

Date of signature: 13.11.2017

End date: 10.09.2019

Type of Contract: Works Contract

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