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Open Call for   usage of produced stories as series or strands

03/08/2018 - 12:11

Call for Expression of Interest for Production Support for Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine.

The Open Media Hub is launching today a Call for Expression of Interest for Production Support, a scheme to enable TV and online video journalists in the European Neighbourhood to create content related to the European Union and their respective countries’ relations with the European Union. The scheme is now open in for Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine.

Besides financial support, media professionals will benefit from practical guidance to produce, disseminate content at an appropriate quality level. This entire programme aims at delivering greater public awareness of the actions and impact of the European Neighbourhood Policy and strengthening domestic and local audience interest in EU values.

Open Media Hub is launching a call for production support: ‘Usage of produced stories as series or strands’. With over 300 stories available on the OPEN Media Hub website on Borders and Migration, Corruption, Being 20, Development and Change Cultural Social and Economic and others in production, applicants may receive support for on-air or online usage of their stories and others productions.


Please have a look at our website to see examples of stories already produced:


To create a strand for their outlets, applicants are encouraged to suggest their own concept to use these stories:


  • As a series (with or without a presenter…)
  • As a magazine programme, in a studio with or without guests
  • As an online publication
  • Combinations of formats across several platforms – broadcast, online and social media, etc.

The OPEN Media Hub will support by financing the following;

  • Translating and subtitling the existing stories into your language
  • Creating original Graphics 
  • Studio usage
  • Original music
  • Editing / rendering
  • Presenters & crews


All the elements needed to produce and broadcast on television or online a series or a strand.

Alternatively, you may download and use the slates developed by the OMH on the links below for Being 20 strands:







To help you use these unique stories, please submit an example of what you wish to create and a detailed budget. These elements need to be prepared and filled out before submitting them on our on-line application.



The amount of support will always take the media outlet production costs in country into account. These should be proportionate to the standard rates in the country. The budget should be conceived according to the number of stories used per episode, hence a breakdown per episode or number of stories for online will be considered.

Please submit a detailed budget specifying at-cost planned expenditure per individual  elements (Translation, Subtitling, Graphics, Studio, Music, etc…)

Please use and fill out relevant aspects of the budget template:

Please note that maximum budget per application is set at 7000 Euros and should be fully justified. Further applications for more usage of other stories will be accepted in subsequent sessions.


Application and Eligibility

All applicants must pitch their story and fill in the online application form (English, French, Arabic, Russian) with the required details.


If selected, applicants agree to submit all the required documents, including contract, letter of intent, intended budget, waivers and risk assessments. Templates are available for download on Applicants need to demonstrate that they are duly authorised by the legal entity to produce and to publish their story by producing a letter of intent from an authorised representative. This letter must state an eligible media outlet’s intention to broadcast or publish the eventual production, including an indication of the date(s) and context(s) of the planned broadcast or publication.


Eligible applicants are:

  • News organisations (e.g., TV stations, online news companies);
  •  Journalistic organisations (e.g., associations, foundations) if they can demonstrate a publication commitment from a media outlet;
  • Audio-visual production companies if they can demonstrate a publication commitment from a media outlet;
  •  Journalists acting on behalf of any of the above.
  •  Freelance journalists with a letter of intent signed by a broadcaster/publisher.

Exception: Open Media Hub may decide, on a case-by-case basis, that individual journalists or television producers are eligible without legal entity backing or endorsement if they can demonstrate a publication commitment from a media outlet. Similarly, will relevant applications from bloggers, vloggers and citizen journalists be considered if they can demonstrate a track record of significant audience reach on their platforms.



Rolling Call for stories usage:

Cut off dates for evaluation

16 September 2018- 21H CET, 18 January 2019- 21H CET

Award decision

3 to 4 weeks following the cut off dates


A detailed FAQ (frequently asked questions) can be found here:

For more information, go to:

Any questions please write to:



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