Delegation of the European Union to Armenia

EU4Regions: Support to Regional Development Policy in Armenia – PRDP project

02/04/2018 - 10:16

Regional development (RD) situation in Armenia is complex, troubled by various deficiencies and disparities, and thus requiring coordinated efforts by multiple actors.

There is a clear divide in terms of socio-economic development between the capital city of Yerevan and regions of the country, among the regions (e.g. Shirak and Tavush marzes standing at only about 50% of the national GDP per capita ), and between urban and rural areas. Employment opportunities, incidence of poverty, access to public services, and environmental conditions are far from balance.  
The European Union (EU), together with the Government of Armenia, have been actively collaborating in the field regional development policy since early 2000’s. This collaboration continues through the implementation of ambitious regional development reforms and related programmes, intensively supported by the EU and coordinated by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia. By its nature this project is a technical assistance to support faster and more balanced socio-economic development of the regions of Armenia. 

Action in Brief

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to accelerated socio-economic development, greater resilience, and sustainability of the regions of Armenia in general, and in relation to the capital city of Yerevan. The project supports internal economic, social, and territorial cohesion of the country.

The project will provide support to programmatic and institutional reforms in line with the Armenian Regional Development Strategy 2016-2025 and its Action Plan, developing institutional capacities of bodies involved in RD operational programmes, providing assistance in linking RD reforms with decentralisation, territorial administration, and sub-national governance reform agendas, etc. The support will consist of policy advice, designing programmes, training, coaching, etc.

Funding for RD will also be improved and clearly defined in the central budget. Ideas for new regional and local projects will be supported and assistance provided for designing and implementing such projects.

The eight ongoing projects under the pilot Grant Scheme of the total value of almost 10 million EUR, financed both by the European Union and the Government of Armenia, will benefit from technical advice and training during their implementation. These projects are expected to create over 500 new jobs and 300 stronger enterprises in the regions of Armenia.


Duration:    08/01/2018 – 07/01/2020 (24 months)

Total Project Budget: EUR 1,499,830.00

EU Contribution:  EUR 1,499,830.00

Location:   All regions (marzes) of Armenia

Implementing Partners:  Ecorys Nederland B.V



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