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EU4Youth: Employability and stability

20/03/2018 - 06:39
Public Health and Social Protection

A decent job is undoubtedly a very important aspect in life of young people. Unfortunately, high youth unemployment is a burning social problem in many CIS countries.

SOS Children’s Villages, under the EU4Youth initiative,  is taking action to boost youth employability and entrepreneurship potential in three Eastern Partnership countries where there are no state programmes targeted specifically at young people with care experience.

This is a new project focusing on empowerment, employability and entrepreneurship potential of socially and economically disadvantaged youth, especially young women.

The project will target young people from SOS' own programmes as well youth from state residential care and provide them tailored support reflecting their specific needs. The SOS Children’s Villages in Armenia will work together with Aflatoun International, the Business Support Center in Armenia and private businesses to give young people training and real work experience.

Actions in Brief:

A key component of the project is to train 300 young people in basic life, social, vocational and employability skills, which will be developed based on Next Economy Curriculum. Young Armenians will learn about the competitive labour market, about the professional in demand, where to seek a job and how properly prepare for a recruitment process and on-the-job experiences. In cooperation with private businesses and state-run companies, the project will offer various internship opportunities for 120 young persons as well as will link young people with potential future employers. The aim is that 70 of these will be employed also after the end of the project.

Another key component is entrepreneurship, which includes a training programme on entrepreneurship and a start-up fund for young people who have business ideas and would like to become entrepreneurs. 50 young Armenians will learn how to set up, manage and grow own business. Additionally, business-minded youth with business ideas will be able to present their business plans to a selection committee and the most viable business ideas will be supported with seed capital. It is envisaged that around 15 new companies will be opened by vulnerable young people in Armenia. The project will also actively support young entrepreneurs with coaching, mentoring, regular on-site visits, individual counselling in the pre-, incubation and post-incubation phase of their businesses.

It is hoped that this pilot project will be a good example and inspiration for other organisations working with youth growing up in foster/residential care to expand the employment opportunities and a prosperous future for this group of young women and men in Armenia.

Duration:  01/02/2018 – 31/01/2021 (36 months)

Total project budget:  EUR 1, 666,666.00

EU contribution:  EUR 1, 500,000.00

Budget for Armenia:   EUR 386,375.00

Location: Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine

Coordinator:    SOS Kinderdorf Ӧsterreich (SOS Children’s Villages Austria)

Implemented by:    SOS Kinderdorf (AUS) & International Public Organisation "SOS-Children's Villages" Belarus (BL), "SOS-Children's Villages" Armenian Charity Foundation (AM), Center for Business Communication “BELBIZ” (BL), Alliance For Civil Rights (UKR), BSC Business Support Center (AM)/ Stiching Aflatoun International (NL) and International Charitable Organization "Charitable Foundation "SOS Children's Villages" (UKR)

Local Coordinator:  "SOS-Children's Villages" Armenian Charity Foundation (AM)

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