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Bavra grows buckwheat

27/02/2018 - 00:00
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Koryun Smbulyan

Head of “Nor Hatik” Cooperative, Bavra Community, Shirak Marz

ENPARD project is one of the best examples of European Union’s support. Buckwheat produced in Armenia has become a reality thanks to ENPARD. What will give the production of buckwheat to the Armenian communities? One of the residents of the Bavra community answers the question.

- Cultivating the same crops, we reached the point when field-crop cultivation was not economically profitable. And if field-crop cultivation is not profitable, it means that cattle-breeding is also not profitable. The soil had been already degraded and contained no useful substances, as we always sowed the same crops like wheat, barley and potatoes. ENPARD promoted field-crop cultivation, which we did not do on our own. Now we try to grow and process buckwheat. We are a nation with a 30-40-thousand-year history. We have not had grown and processed this crop before. Now we are trying – we will not succeed in 30-40 days. We need more time.

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