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Boosting Technological Developments in Shirak marz – PRDP project

21/02/2018 - 08:28
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IT industry is one of the fastest expanding segments of the economy and is identified by the Armenian Government as a key area for the economic well-being.

 Armenia’s demand for qualified workforce surpasses its supply, which calls for action and transformation of strategic directions. Unable to keep up with the rapidly developing industry, local universities do not offer up to date technological curriculum and courses on entrepreneurship and newest industry trends, which leads to mismatch with the industry requirements.

To ensure consistent IT development, the volumes should be enhanced to involve new players and create more opportunities for business cooperation and dialogue. With rich technological inheritance and capacity, Gyumri city has recently become a hub for IT development and technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The creation of tech start-ups and entrepreneurs as a developing field in Shirak,  faces various challenges in recruiting skilled professionals, managing projects and exporting the IT products. 

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia has established partnership with Gyumri Information Technologies Center to join the efforts and initiate regional development program, aiming to increase the employability in Shirak marz, create competitive jobs for the local community and addressing the issues related to migration, low employment rate and poverty.

Actions in Brief:

Within the project 180 young people old will pass 6-month intensive training program on various programming languages, which will be followed by the coding boot-camp programme. The boot-camp will be connected with local IT companies, which will mentor the trainees and assist them with working on real projects and improving their practical skills. Under the project special incubation lab will be established in Gyumri Technology Center to accommodate trainees during the boot-camp program. After the coding boot-camp, when the trainees have enough theoretical and working skills, local IT companies will start the recruitment process and it is anticipated that 90 people will be hired.  

The project envisages to assist existing IT companies in Shirak marz to enlarge their operation through skill enhancement in the form of business development and financial assistance. Special sales agents will be hired under the project to assist small and medium-size IT companies to attract new clients and contracts from abroad. The work of sales agents will be accompanied with training courses on Sales, Marketing and Project Management which will ensure that the project impact is sustainable.


Duration:                                 13/12/2016 – 13/12/2018 (24 months)

Total Project Budget:            EUR 750,000.00

EU Contribution:                    EUR 510,000.00

Location:                                  Shirak marz of Armenia

Implementing Partners:      Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia; Gyumri Information Technologies Center 

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