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Strengthening current and future employment and self-employment programmes through sustainable value chain management systems under the Migration Resource Centres and Local Centres of the State Employment Agency (iMigrantArmenia.EU)

21/02/2018 - 08:19
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The focus of the project is to support labour migrants and their families to convert their migration potential into creation of innovative business models and start-ups in their communities in Aragatsotn and Shirak regions.

Many Armenian labour migrants, who have intention to return and invest in their country, have to continue the circle of labour migration for many years to be able to accumulate financial capital and start an enterprise in their homeland. While away from the home country, migrants gain new capacities and can bring expertise from the host countries.

The goal of the project is to maximize the contribution of the Armenian circular labour migrants to the development of their communities through the repatriation of skills, experiences and financial capital from the host country to their communities of return.

Another important target of the Project is foreigners and Armenians abroad interested to invest into clusters, value chains and businesses in Armenia.

Main Aactivities:

  • To stimulate the return and business creation successful foreign investments are of utmost importance for the migrants in need of financial capital. For this purpose the project will develop a state-of-the-art IT system for community development investments which will serve as a link among the labour migrants, Armenians abroad as well as foreigners intending to invest in competitive community development projects and business ideas. The IT system will match business applicants with one or several investment offers. It will be integrated into SEA “iMigrant” platform.
  • To encourage and support labour migrants to start an enterprise or develop already existing one, the project will provide EUR 90.000 (total budget) of in-kind support to the selected businesses run by returning migrants and circular labour migrants in the target regions.
  • The project will provide capacity development trainings for the specialists of local centers of State Employment Agency (SEA) aimed at proactive engagement of circular labour migrants, their families and communities, public, private and non-government partners. PACA-method training of trainers will be conducted for SEA Labour Migration Unit (which will train the Local Centers and Migration Resource Centers), including identification, analysis and application of value-chains.
  • A preparatory study will be conducted to identify economic development opportunities in the regions of Aragatsotn and Shirak and the skills that migrants and potential migrants in the regions should possess to successfully get involved in labor market in own region.


Duration:                                15/07/2017 - 15/07/2018 (12 months)

Total Project Budget:           EUR 500,000.00  

EU Contribution:                    EUR 500,000.00  

Location:                                  Aragatsotn, Shirak regions and Yerevan

Implementing Partners:      Swedish Public Employment Service,

State Employment Agency under the RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Administered by:                    International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)


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