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Education and Employment

13/11/2019 - 00:00
Education and Research

We bet on the potential of Angolan youth. The development of higher education and vocational training helps training skilled human resources to meet the needs of the country.

Vocational training
Vocational training

One of the main challenges for youth is capacity building to prepare its entry into the labour market. For this reason, education is one of our priorities  in the European Union's partnership with the African continent.

In Angola, we support two essential initiatives to enhance the professionalization of young people in key sectors of Angolan economy, through the promotion of academic cursus and studies. We help creating more opportunities for Angolan youth.

RETFOP – Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Start date: 2018 | End date: 2022 | Amount (€): 22.000.000

Implementation: Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua I. P. and Expertise France.

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UNI.AO - Support to Higher Education

Start date: 2020 | End date: 2024 | Amount (€): 13.000.000

Implementation: Expertise France.

University mobility programs: Intra-África Pax Lusófona

Intra-África Pax Lusófona aims at creating a teaching network that promotes synergy between people involved and the creation of opportunities within the African continent.

The programme fully finances the mobility of students wishing to undertake their post-graduate studies (master's and doctoral degrees) at one of the partner African universities. The project also supports the strengthening of the skills of professionals in these institutions.

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