Delegation of the European Union to Angola

About the EU Delegation in Angola

31/03/2016 - 16:58
About us - structure and organisation

The EU is represented in Angola by a Delegation office in Luanda (since 1986).

Our mandate includes:

  • representing the EU diplomatically in Angola, through extensive contacts with governmental institutions, to promote and defend the EU's values and interests.
  • managing and promoting bilateral relations between the EU and Angola (political, economic, trade and aid , both financial and technical)
  • facilitating the operation and development of bilateral cooperation agreements.
  • following up EU policies in all sectors.
  • coordinating with EU country's embassies in Angola, particularly in fields where the Commission has powers (mainly aid and trade).
  • keeping EU headquarters in Brussels abreast of significant local developments (political, economic, etc.)
  • managing the implementation of the EU's development policy in Angola, based on the EDF and specific budget lines; programming aid and managing projects.

The Delegation's activities are coordinated closely with those EU countries who have diplomatic representation in Angola (currently 11: Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden).

Dear friends,

Welcome to the webpage of the EU Delegation in Angola.

My main mission is to further strengthen EU relations with Angola, an important country with much potential and opportunities for mutually beneficial interactions, particularly in terms of regional security, economy, trade and energy sectors. At the same time I wish to underline the continuous presence of long-term EU assistance aimed at the development of the country, with education, rural development and good governance being our jointly agreed priorities. The EU remains the largest donor and is fully committed to supporting sustainable development and the well-being of the Angolan people. In this context the EU Delegation is determined to provide all necessary support to Angola in order for it to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

EU relations with Angola are rich in diversity and scope. We have achieved a lot but there is still untapped potential to further foster our relations. As I am just at the beginning of my mandate in this beautiful country I am fully convinced that there is willingness on both sides to push the relation to a higher level through dialogue, mutual respect and understanding amongst equal partners, making the relation between Angola and the EU an example of a true partnership between an important African country and the EU.                      


Head of the Delegation: 

Jeannette Seppen

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