Delegation of the European Union to Algeria


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15/01/2021 – HR/VP Blog – For more than two months, conflict has been raging in the Tigray region in Ethiopia. The situation is desperate for the local population and the conflict is unsettling dynamics both within Ethiopia and the whole region. I have passed a clear message to the Ethiopian leadership: we are ready to help, but unless there is access for humanitarian aid operators, the EU cannot disburse the planned budget support to the Ethiopian government.

10.01.2021 — Блог Верховного Представителя ЕС — Шокирующие события в Вашингтоне в прошлую среду должны стать тревожным сигналом для всех защитников демократии во всем мире. Нам необходимо активнее бороться с дезинформацией и неравенством, а также возобновить глобальное сотрудничество для продвижения принципов верховенства права и демократических ценностей.

2021년 1월 10일 - 호세프 보렐 유럽연합 외교·안보정책 고위대표 블로그 - 지난주 수요일 미국 워싱턴에서 발생한 충격적인 의회 난동 사건이 전세계 민주주의 옹호론자들의 경각심을 일깨우는 사건이었기를 바랍니다. 우리는 허위 정보 퇴치와 불평등 해소를 위해 더욱 노력해야 하며, 법치주의 및 민주주의 가치 증진을 위해 전세계적인 협력을 강화해야 합니다.

10/01/2021 – HR/VP blog – The shocking events in Washington last Wednesday must be a wake-up call for all democracy advocates around the world. We need to fight harder against disinformation and inequalities and renew global cooperation to promote the rule of law and democratic values.

10/01/2021 – blog del AR/VP – Los acontecimientos que nos conmocionaron el pasado miércoles en Washington tienen que ser una llamada de atención para los defensores de la democracia en todo el mundo. Tenemos que intensificar la lucha contra la desinformación y las desigualdades y renovar la cooperación mundial para promover el Estado de Derecho y los valores democráticos.

توصلت الدول الأعضاء بمجلس التعاون الخليجي إلى اتفاق حول التطبيع الكامل للعلاقات بينها، وذلك يوم الثلاثاء خلال قمة مجلس التعاون في مدينة العُلا بالمملكة العربية السعودية. سبق هذا الاتفاق قرار المملكة العربية السعودية بإعادة فتح حدودها مع قطر يوم الإثنين. 

The Gulf Cooperation Council members reached an agreement on the full normalisation of relations among themselves at the GCC summit in the Saudi city of AlUla (Al-Ula) on Tuesday. It was preceded on Monday by the decision of Saudi Arabia to reopen its borders with Qatar.

The European Union welcomes these significant developments as they will considerably strengthen regional stability and restore GCC unity and cooperation in full. We commend in this respect the mediation role played by Kuwait all along, as well as by the US.