Delegacioni i Bashkimit Evropian ne Shqiperi


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honoured to participate to the opening of these 3 days of intense discussions around topics that go to the heart and the soul of the European Union: freedom, diversity, equality.

I am also extremely happy that this year ERA’s annual conference takes place in Tirana.

For us in this room and for many people outside, sexual orientation and gender identity are not an issue. Sexual orientation should never undermine equality and dignity of any human being, or interfere in the access to employment, education and any service.


Metaphorically speaking, the road network is frequently referred to as the ''veins of a country''. Thus, a country with a poor road network is the equivalent of a body that needs urgent care. In contrast, the existence of high-quality infrastructure is considered to be one of the critical factors for a healthy economic development. It enables the conditions for attracting investors and growing new business so that less developed areas can bloom.


Në mënyrë metaforike, rrjeti rrugor shpesh krahasohet me '' venat e një vendi ''. Kështu, një vend me një rrjet të dobët rrugor i ngjan një trupi që ka nevojë për kujdes urgjent. Dihet se ekzistenca e një infrastrukture me cilësi të lartë përbën një nga faktorët më të rëndësishëm për një zhvillim të shëndetshëm ekonomik. Ajo mundëson kushtet për tërheqjen e investitorëve dhe rritjen e bizneseve të reja, në mënyrë që dhe zonat më pak të zhvilluara të lulëzojnë.


Заявление Верховного Представителя ЕС от имени Европейского Союза по случаю Международного дня прекращения безнаказанности за преступления против журналистов - 2 ноября 2019 г.

It is a great pleasure to be here at this table today together with ICMP and the Ministry of Interior announcing and welcoming the first concrete results of the pilot project identifying the remains of missing persons from the Communist Era in Albania.