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Expressing one’s faith should not be accompanied by acts of violence in any part of the world. Intolerance towards different religions or faiths still drives to conflict, violating Human Rights. On the International Day commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief, the EU pays tribute to all the victims.

On the International Day commemorating the victims of acts of violence based on religion or belief, we pay tribute to those who have lost their lives, who are attacked, threatened or persecuted due to their religion or belief.


The EU financed IPA Twinning project entitled AL 17 IPA JH 01 19 “Institution-building for alignment with the Union acquis on the protection of personal data”

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Contract objectives and expected results

The EU financed IPA Twinning project entitled

“Strengthening the Protection and the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights’’ 

AL 17 IPA FI  01 20

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13/08/2020 - The situation in Belarus has become a matter of grave concern. After last Sunday's Presidential elections, Alexander Lukashenko and the Belarussian authorities must stop the repression against the Belarus people and open negotiations with the wider society. Over the last months, the Belarusians have clearly shown that they long for democracy and respect for human rights. A substantial political change is a precondition for further development of the relations between the EU and Belarus.


Ситуация в Беларуси стала предметом глубокой обеспокоенности. В контексте состоявшихся в прошлое воскресенье президентских выборов Александр Лукашенко и власти Беларуси должны прекратить репрессии против белорусского народа и начать переговоры с широкой общественностью. За последние месяцы белорусы ясно показали, что они жаждут демократии и уважения прав человека. Существенное политическое изменение является предпосылкой для дальнейшего развития отношений между ЕС и Беларусью.


The aspirations of young people around the world need to be at the core of our political, social and economic development debate. Protecting and fighting for youths’ equal rights, particularly in developing regions, contributes to a fairer and more sustainable development. On the International Youth Day, the EU highlights the importance of giving voice to the young people and empowering them to better address the challenges of the future.

As of today, the Commission, on behalf of the EU, has agreed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) on macro-financial assistance (MFA) programmes with eight partners. The agreements are part of the €3 billion MFA package for ten enlargement and neighbourhood partners, aimed to help them limit the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.


Sot, Komisioni, në emër të BE-së, miratoi Memorandume Mirëkuptimi (MM) për programet e Ndihmës Makro-financiare (NMF) me tetë partnerë. Marrëveshjet janë pjesë e paketës NMF prej 3 miliardë eurosh për tetë partnerë të zgjerimit dhe fqinjësisë , që synojnë t’i ndihmojë ata të kufizojnë pasojat ekonomike të pandemisë së koronavirusit.