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Q&A with Amy Remeikis

16/02/2021 - 00:14
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Amy is a political correspondent with the Guardian, and helms the popular Politics Live blog during parliament. When not chained to her desk, you can usually find her providing political commentary across radio and television, as a regular guest on ABC radio, the Drum, Insiders, Afternoon Briefing and the Project. She is a proud Lithuanian-Australian and loves speaking about and learning more, about her father's homeland, which formed a huge part of her upbringing.

@EUinAus caught up with Amy to find out more!

Q. Tell us about your Lithuanian-Australian heritage

My family story would be one very familiar to a lot of Lithuanian-Australians - my father fled his homeland as a young boy with his mother, my grandmother, during WWII, leaving behind family, possessions and all they knew, eventually landing in Melbourne.  We were raised as Lithuanian-Australians, celebrating as many of the traditions as we could, while trying to help family left behind.  My Oma (her choice of name based on a favourite family friend) was able to re-connect with her siblings following independence. *I imagine I have eaten more beetroot and pickled fish than most of my friends and I was definitely the only one in my class being sent to school with herring!

Q: What do love about Lithuania?

I love how forward thinking it is as a nation, and the courage it shows within the international community, speaking up for nations under threat or less powerful. I love the traditions and the food, and culture, and how it may be a small nation, but is quite mighty.  

Q: Do you have a favourite dish or word?

I make potato pancakes as regularly as I can, and am a very big fan of Cepelinai and Krupniks.  My Oma used to always say things were only "nine seas away" which she said was an old saying in her family, and I always loved that. 

Q. Can you speak Lithuanian? And have you travelled there?

Unfortunately not, other than hello, father, love you, and thank you! I've never had a chance to visit Europe, and it will be the first place I go when I do,  but my sister took our grandmother's ashes to Vilnius, so she could be laid to rest near her family. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I love being part of the Lihuanian-Australian family, and always feel a pang of connection when someone reaches out to me, based on my surname, to ask if we share a heritage.  It's a small and exclusive club, but there is an instant bond at finding someone who shares your culture.

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