Delegation of the European Union to Albania

An online-conference recapitulates social and political outcomes affecting the EU and Russia

Moscow, 25/11/2020 - 13:06, UNIQUE ID: 201125_40
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The EU Delegation to Russia supports International Memorial in organising an online-conference "Russia and Europe in 2020. Preliminary outcomes" on 27 November 2020.

The conference will recapitulate main social and political outcomes of the year 2020 having importance for both EU countries and Russia. It will also review hopes of 1990s for the establishment of a common European space for freedom and democracy.

Key speakers include Kirill Martynov (“Novaya Gazeta), Anna Tyomkina (European University in St. Petersburg), Iwona Reichardt (College of Europe Natolin, Poland), Carine Clément (French National Centre for Scientific Research), Tatyana Vorozheykina (Free university, Moscow), Ivan Krastev (Centre for Liberal Studies, Sofia), Ralf Fücks (Zentrum Liberale Moderne, Berlin), Kirill Rogov (Liberal Mission Foundation, Moscow).

The year 2020 marks a dramatic shift in the perception of Russia's domestic and foreign policy both domestically and by its Western neighbours. The turbulences experienced in the Russian society and directly beyond Russia’s borders are an echo of the Soviet history. Can the active participation of women and youth in politics offer new solutions to the problems enrooted in the structure of these societies? These questions will feature into the discussion of the first session "Russia and the EU. Challenges from the post-empire".

The second session "Outcomes of the year 2020" will focus on the following questions: What are the preliminary outcomes of the period 1990 – 2020? How did European and Russian paths cross and diverge over these years? Can we define this time as a period of unfulfilled hopes? What to expect from the future?

The conference will be live streamed on the International Memorial YouTube channel and social media of 7x7.

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