Delegation of the European Union to Albania

Tender for Pest Services - EEAS-002(2)-DELKENN-SER-FWC (Re-advertised)

€60.000 - €139.000

The EEAS / Delegation of the European Union to Kenya intends to launch a call for tenders using a negotiated procedure for provision of pest control services.

The tender  is open only economic operators duly licensed/authorised to performance the services and must be able to prove this with valid documentation

The general scope of the contract is in two (2) parts i.e. scheduled inspection and pest control interventions that shall be carried out quarterly and non-scheduled treatment upon request by the delegation.

The places of performance are the delegation office premises at Dunhill  Towers 115 Waiyaki Way Westlands, and expatriate staff accommodations located within the suburbs of Nairobi.

f you are interested to participate, you may express your interest by sending an email to the contact e-mail mentioned below, following the instructions on the webpage How to apply for an EEAS call for tenders.

Deadline to express your interest (inscription): 
Sending of invitation to tender (Indicative time): 
25 November 2020
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