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Support to children and youth with disabilities in Russia during and after Covid-19 pandemic

30/06/2020 - 17:03
Public Health and Social Protection

During COVID-19 pandemic, ROOI Perspektiva and its partner DPOs/POs (Disabled People Organisations/Parents Organisations) in 20 regions of Russia are urgently mobilized to solve the most acute problems of the most vulnerable category of people with disabilities (PWDs) - children, teens and youth. The aim of this project is to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on education and inclusion of children and youth with disabilities in society.

Brief description: 

As schools and community centers have been temporarily closed due to COVID-19, children and youth with disabilities have continued their education online with no or limited access to the internet, ICT devices and applications for remote learning, with lack of support from teachers necessary to follow online school programs, lack of accessible and adapted educational materials, etc. Their interaction with peers has been reduced and isolation and exclusion from society increased.

This project provides more than 500 CWDs (children with disabilities) and youth in 20 cities of Russia with the equipment and skills necessary to continue education and social interaction online, materials for creative work and needlework, which helps protect and maintain their emotional well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic; It helps children and youth with disabilities learn how to use ICT equipment and expand their opportunities to participate in online events and interact with peers.

The project also raises public awareness of the pandemic’s impact on persons with disabilities and their rights, ensures continuous support to CWDs and their families during the emergency period through a network of partner organizations, and introduces and widely disseminates an inclusive approach throughout the country based on respecting the rights of CWDs during the pandemic.

Key activities and projected results:

In order to help CWDs and youth continue their education and social activity during and after the pandemic, ROOI Perspektiva together with partners organizations provides direct support to more than 500 children and youth with disabilities in 20 cities of Russia. As a result of the project, CWDs and youth receive equipment and materials for education and communication; gain new knowledge and skills, learn how to use ICTs and get new opportunities to participate in online events and interact with peers.

Duration: 16/06/2020 – 15/12/2020 (6 months)

Total Project Budget: EUR 67,783

EU Contribution:  EUR 60,000

Location/s:  Russiа, 20 cities

Implementing Partners: The Regional Society of Disabled People “Perspektiva” and its partner DPOs/POs in 20 cities of Russia.


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