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How is the EU celebrating Africa Day with Zambian children and artists?

26/05/2020 - 14:36
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May is the month when both continents celebrate their birthdays: the EU on 9 May and Africa on 25 May. On the occasion of Africa Freedom Day, we are uniting with our Zambian friends and partners in African rhythm and sharing our love for Africa with ‘Simpatico’!

Africa Day - Togetherness

The European Union has supported the release of two videos featuring Zambian youth and artists performing a song inspired by Larry Maluma, a Zambian reggae composer and singer who sings in a combination of English and Zambian languages (Nyanja, Bemba and Tonga). The title ‘Punzisani Aana’ (Teach the Children) emphasizes the importance of educating the children and expressing the love for Africa. Both videos highlight the diversity and cultural richness of the continent in terms of languages and humanity.

Meet 'Simpatico' and enjoy our partnership based on shared values and interests. Children in the video are drawing 'Simpatico' and saying in their local languages 'I love Africa'.

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