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Remarks of HR/VP Federica Mogherini following the meetings on Iran nuclear issue in Vienna

Bruxelles, 28/06/2015 - 00:00, UNIQUE ID: 150628_02


First of all I had a bilateral meeting with Minister Zarif, following our bilateral meeting in Luxembourg on Monday. Then I had a bilateral with Kerry and with all the others. We also had a ministerial meeting, at E3+ 3 level.

I would say that the political will is there. I've seen it from all sides. So we have tasked our negotiating teams to start working immediately tonight on the text and to try and close all the issues in order to translate the political understanding that we found in Lausanne into texts that are solid enough for the coming days.

The ministers will come back here in the coming days as soon as the work on the text has moved forward to finalize the agreement.



Will it be done on Tuesday?

As I said this morning we stick to the deadline of the 30/06; we are ready to interpret it in a flexible way as we did already in Lausanne. If we need to have a couple of additional days more, it's not the end of the world. But it is very clear that the deadline is going to stay end of June / beginning of July.

We are going to finalize it hopefully in the coming days. So no extension. We all agreed on that. Everybody is very much aware of the fact that we have conditions now to close the deal. Of course a good deal.

And we have to use these hours and these days to do it. The postponement is not an option.

It could again be flexible - one day more, one day beyond, one day less.

But it is going to be within some days. Not more.

Will there be any long term extension this time?

No, no long term extension. I think, as I said, we have, as I see, the political will to finalize the deal. We have the political agreement that was reached in Switzerland some months ago. The technical work has been proceeding well. It can proceed. They are restarting right now. It can move forward in the next hours and days. I don't see any possible way in which the agreement will be easier in some months rather than now. I think we need to do it now.

Again I'm flexible by nature, by nationality. We will use the time we need but it is going to be a matter of days and not more.

What about the remaining problems... the snapback?

I'm not going to make the list of the remaining issues now. What I can stress is the fact that we don't have new points open on the agenda. We are not renegotiating things. What we said in Switzerland in April - that we have found solid political agreement on the parameters - was true.

We have still talks on some of the points of that understanding and how this translates into a text, a final text and the technical annexes, the different ones.

So the remaining open points are mainly of this nature, on how to translate the political understanding that we reached already into concrete details.

Some of these details are political and not only technical but a lot of technical work has been done already and can be done again in the coming hours and days to make sure that the ministers come back to discuss only a couple of highly political points that need political guidance - as it was done today.

We mainly gave our teams political guidance to continue the work on the text and this is the way in which we are going to proceed in the coming days.

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