Delegation of the European Union to Albania

Movement of people and goods between Albania and Kosovo will improve thanks to the new border crossing point in Morina

Tirana, Albania, 24/07/2018 - 20:00, UNIQUE ID: 180724_9
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The Heads of European Union in Albania and Kosovo, Romana Vlahutin and Nataliya Apostolova together with Deputy Prime Minister of Albania, Senida Mesi and Deputy Prime Minster of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, inaugurated today the new Morina border crossing point between Albania and Kosovo.

The €1m euro project, funded by the EU Delegation in Albania, provides infrastructure for efficient border controls, in line with EU requirements, with specific regard to Schengen standards. It supports the work of the border and migration police, contributing to achievement of higher efficiency, and better performance.

"Today we are not only opening a new facility at the border crossing point, but enhancing links between people and bringing both Albania and Kosovo a step further towards the standards of the European Union." – stated the EU Ambassador to Albania, Romana Vlahutin.

Ambassador Apostolova said the new facilities will be in service of the people on both sides of the border, foster good neighbourly relations, economic development, as well as efficient customs and border controls. She underlined the regional dimension.

“The border crossing and the road as such are part of a core regional network, Route 7, which connects the wider region and is part of ongoing investments into transport road corridors and sea ports in the Western Balkans, funded also by the EU.”

Deputy Prime Minister of Albania Senida Mesi said that the new border crossing point is a guarantee for a better management of the border between Albania and Kosovo.

"The new facility has modern infrastructure in line with EU requirements and Schengen standards. Good border management, is not just a guarantee for our countries, the region and the European Union, but has also special importance and a bonus in our efforts become part of the big European family." – Mesi said.

Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, pointed out that in the last 24 four hours more than 30 thousand people have passed through the Morina border crossing point, which shows the importance of it. Thanks to the support of the European Union, citizens from both sides of the borders and tourists will get a better service.

The new Morina border crossing handles the largest part of goods traffic to and from Kosovo as well as almost all tourist traffic coming to Albania from the North-East.

To speed up the control of vehicles the new border crossing point in Morina has 12 control positions and a new by-pass for trucks with an adequate facility for second line control of heavy vehicles.

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