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Promoting stability, well-being and harmony for Myanmar Muslim and host communities in Thailand

05/07/2018 - 10:39

The overall objective is to promote increased stability, well-being and harmony for marginalised Myanmar Muslims (including Rohingya) in host communities in the Provinces of Tak (Mae Sot), Ranong and Phang Nga through improved living conditions, access to services and livelihood opportunities, and standardization of implementation and programming.

The project aims to improve the stability and empowerment of marginalised Myanmar Muslims as well as disadvantaged Thais in host communities through interventions to improve their living, working, and better access to health, education, legal aid, protection, and livelihoods. Its goal is also to increase the awareness of interventions and strengthen the standardization of approaches by the international and local humanitarian community, and local and religious leaders, in their efforts to assist the communities and the wellbeing of its members.

The project should decrease the vulnerability of marginalized Myanmar Muslims in host communities through relationship building, and advocacy/awareness-raising with all relevant stakeholders (international humanitarian community, local and religious leaders, neighboring Thai communities, NGOs, CBOs and RTG).


Total Cost (EUR): 2 777 777.78

EU contracted amount (EUR): 2 500 000

Duration: January 2016 - December 2019


Funding Instrument: Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)

Benefitting zone: Thailand

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