Delegation of the European Union to Albania

Procurement plan for low and middle-value contracts under Administrative budget of 2018


The Delegation of the European Union to Albania plans a series of procurement

procedures for 2018 in execution of its administrative budget with the aim to conclude

contracts for the below listed services or supplies. The responsible section is the

Administration Section.


· Cellular Phone subscription

· Satellite Phone subscription

· Maintenance of office premises

· Maintenance of Residence

· Maintenance of radio repeater

· Maintenance of landline telephony / switchboard

· Maintenance of power generator

· Maintenance of HVAC system

· Maintenance of swimming pool

· Maintenance of MF Printers

· Works at EU Delegation premises and Residence

· Insurances

· International mailing

· Local/National mailing

· IT support

· Legal advice

· Training for EU Delegation staff

· Online subscription to news networks, legal and fiscal issues

· Subscription to newspapers/magazines

· Painting of vehicles, including armoured vehicles

· Cleaning of office premises

· Internet services

· Security services

· Organisation and Catering for official events

· Travel agency services

· Fuel supply

· Installation of CCTV surveillance system

· Supply of service vehicles

· Toner for printers and photocopy machines

· Paper for printers and photocopy machines

· Supply of IT/Communication items

· Supply of office furniture

· Supply of office stationery

· Supply of uniforms for drivers

· Supply of drinking water


Specialised economic operators are invited to express their interest in participating in

these tenders by sending an email with relevant information of the company and the

offered services to:


The EU Delegation to Albania will contact interested economic operators only at the

moment a procurement procedure is launched.


The EU Delegation to Albania does not commit itself to award any of the mentioned

contracts. Under no circumstances may the Delegation of the European Union to

Albania be obliged to conclude a contract on the basis of an expression of interest.


Please take note of important rules applicable to all tender and procurement procedures

of the European Union:


· Data protection:

· Protection of EU interests:

· Information on contracts with the European Union:

Editorial Sections: