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Tirana, 09/11/2017 - 11:49, UNIQUE ID: 171109_4
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IPA 2014 National Programme for Albania/European Integration Facility


The closing ceremony of the twinning project “Strengthening of capacities of the Consumer Protection Commission and its Technical Secretariat” financed by the European Union and jointly implemented by the Ministry of Finance and Economy and the partners from the Republic of Lithuania, namely Ministry of Justice, State Consumer Rights Protection Authority and Central project Management Agency was held on Thursday, 9th of November 2017 at the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The purpose of this project was to strengthen and enhance the institutional capacities of the Albanian authorities for enforcement of consumer protection legislation through the harmonization of the relevant practices with the EU best practices. In the framework of the project special focus was given on developing knowledge and skills to prevent and investigate consumer rights infringements in order to reduce consumer detriment and stimulate fair competition among businesses. Moreover, recommendations have been provided to further enhancement of capacities of consumer protection authorities.

A number of activities were dedicated to increase public’s awareness on consumer rights by conducting awareness raising events, preparing visibility material on consumer rights and programme on consumer education. Surveys on consumer perception of market performance conducted in the framework of the project allowed to identify major issues in the field of consumer protection which should be addresses in the future with regard to consumer empowerment in Albania. The project also encouraged cooperation between all stakeholders involved in consumer protection by inviting them to participate in a number of activities of the project.

250.000,00 EUR worth project was implemented during the past eight months in close cooperation between Lithuanian and Albanian partners.

Twinning projects bring together public sector expertise from EU Member States and beneficiary countries with the aim to support the transposition, implementation and enforcement of the EU legislation and to foster long-term relationships between administrations of existing and future EU countries.

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