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Remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini upon arrival at the Informal Meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs (Gymnich)

Riga, 06/03/2015 - 23:31, UNIQUE ID: 150306_01
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Good morning everybody. We are ready to start in a few minutes the informal ministerial meeting here in Riga under the Latvian Presidency that I would like to thank for the excellent and very efficient and politically wise cooperation.

Today, we will discuss with the Ministers first of all Libya, and I think this is a very symbolic and important sign that here in the far East and North of Europe we start our discussion with an issue that is not only of concern for the Southern Member States but of all European Union, because it is a common threat we are facing, it is a common priority to try to stabilise the country. We will have a direct link with Rabat in Morocco, with Bernandino León - with whom I just spoke - who is leading the internal dialogue among the different parties and we will discuss with the Ministers all the possible steps that the European Union can take, in very concrete terms, to support any form of outcome of this dialogue that might come in the coming days.

Then we will discuss obviously the situation in Ukraine. I will report on my telephone call with President Petro Poroshenko yesterday evening. Then we will have with us the Secretary General of the OSCE that, as you know, has the main role when it comes to monitor the ceasefire and the withdrawal of weapons. We will discuss with him what the OSCE needs more to strengthen its role, to make it more effective, and we will obviously also discuss about the European Union's support for not only the OSCE but the entire implementation of the Minsk agreement, starting from the trilateral talks that the EU has together with the Ukrainians and Russians both on energy and gas and on trade.

We will continue our works on the preparation of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga that is going to be a crucial event of this Presidency, but also of the European Union as such and our partners to the east.

And we will conclude the day with an informal dinner where we will also have our candidate countries represented. Ministers from candidate countries will join us not only for tonight, but also for tomorrow morning for a formal session of our meeting.

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