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The Africa-Europe Cookbook officially launched

06/12/2019 - 17:29
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The Africa-Europe Cookbook was officially launched on 5 December 2019 hosting the most celebrated Ethiopian chef Yohanis Gebreyesus.

The event aimed to celebrate the successful publishing and introduction to the audience the compilation of 83 culinary recipes coming from 70 countries of the two continents with contributions from AU and EU Commissioners, AU and EU Member States Ambassadors and other diplomats involved in building the Africa-Europe partnership.

The event offered a cultural immersion via live cooking competition and tasting, and gathered an important number of journalists and members of the diplomatic community and namely Mr Albert Muchanga, African Union Commissioner for Trade and Industry, who contributed to the book with his favourite Zambian meal  "Kapenta". For the Commissioner Muchanga the Cookbook illustrates well the relationship between the two continents and is an important tool in building trust, strengthening relationship and friendship between Europe and Africa.

The EU ambassador to the AU, Mr Ranieri Sabatucci celebrated the Cookbook is a collective work, a result of a joint effort of many people in the AU and the EU which truly demonstrates what unites all of us, from Finish Lapland to Cape Agulhas: the necessity and pleasure of food, but above all an act of sharing.

As the  Africa-Europe Cookbook wants to demonstrate that culture and food in particular is a strong diplomatic tool and unifying force, the air of the Hyatt Regency's Hotel terrace was filled with most savoury aroma of African and European dishes and most of all positive and uniting energies.

You can also try the recipes by downloading a copy of the Africa-Europe Cookbook for free on the link below:

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