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International Women's Day (IWD): Read this story about Fatima's journey from hunger to hope:

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Fatima Mohamed Juma is a mother of three children and lives in the Internally Displaced Persons Camp (IDP) in Mornei. Fatima relocated to Mornei IDP camp in 2003 after she was displaced from her village in Korkola village.

Fatima says her engagement with Concern vegetable production programme started in 2016 when a Concern staff visited her tiny onion plot in the Wadi (small valley used to cultivate in the dry season). Then Concern community facilitators team visited her household to asses her condition and identified her most vulnerable and targeted her as beneficiary. She is currently a member of a functional vegetable production group made up of 8 displaced women while also managing an individual vegetable farm of her own to grow onions. The group is supported by Concern Worldwide with training, irrigation tools and vegetable seeds.

She says she has been cultivating onions on her own land measuring 675 square meters back in Korkola village using traditional irrigation tools. Despite her best efforts, she was only able to produce 7 to 8 bags of onions for her household consumption and earn income to assist her husband with the household expenditure.

Fatima plans to sell the remaining quantities of Onion in the month of October; she says the price will be more than double in the market from the time she sold 17 bags in June 2017. Currently the market price as reached 420 SDG per bag, she estimates her remaining Onion on the field will be 23 – 25 bags and she wants to sell them by the end of October.

Fatima plans to buy a bull after she sells her stored onion, primary objective is to fatten the bull and sell to the butchers. Her plan is to make sure that she doesn’t fall back to biting into poverty again. She also hopes that if the recently started collection of weapons from nomadic group continues and if there are no more threats that she will be able to buy cows and sheep and with those assets and skills she will return to her original village Korkola and start life all over again with the base she has built.

* Fatima benefited from the EU funded project in West Darfur. The project is called "improving the food security of vulnerable Conflict-affected Households". The project is implemented by Concern.


Khartoum, March 09,2019

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