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Delegation of the European Union to Afghanistan

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  1. Press releases

    Corruption in the Afghan Security Forces stands in the way of achieving peace in Afghanistan

  2. International positions

    Extraordinary Call for Contributions for the Office of the EU Special Representative in Afghanistan

  3. Press releases

    Seven steps Afghanistan can take now to prevent more corruption from occurring

  4. Statements by the Spokesperson

    Statement by the Spokesperson on the attack on an Afghan National Defence Forces base in Balkh Province

  5. Press releases

    Prevention is essential to stop Afghan corruption

  6. Press releases

    Launch of the Human Rights International Campaign "Women for Change"

  7. Local agents

    Assistant to Head of Cooperation

  8. Local agents

    International Aid / Cooperation Assistant

  9. Press releases

    Corruption: five steps to end the culture of impunity

  10. Press releases

    Afghanistan’s Ministry of Commerce and Industries Partners with Indian Centre for WTO Studies