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The European Union empowers civil society in public finance and social auditing in Timor-Leste

27/11/2020 - 06:13
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Thirty representatives of Civil Society were awarded certificates in Social Auditing and Public Finance Literacy to improve their potential oversight role in public financial management.

The award of certificates followed a training course organised under the "Partnership for the Improvement of Service Delivery through the Strengthening of Public Finance Management and Supervision in Timor-Leste" (PFMO-Component 2), co-financed by the European Union with 12 million euros and managed by Camões I.P.

The closing ceremony and delivery of certificates was attended by the European Union Ambassador Andrew Jacobs, the Portuguese Ambassador José Pedro Machado Vieira, and the trainer and expert in Public Finance, Dr Fernanda Borges.

The training aimed to strengthen the role of Civil Society Organisations in overseeing public financial management and thus holding Government to account.  It raised their capacity for dialogue with the National Parliament, the Court of Auditors, the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Criminal Investigation Scientific Police, the General State Inspection, and the media.

Civil Society can contribute to improving public financial management in several ways: by providing factual information on the impact of budget decisions on the public, by disseminating information on budget processes, and by providing training to citizens, the media, and the legislature on budget processes.

“Osan Povu Nian, Jere ho Di’ak- Manage Well People’s Money” is one of the European Union's most important programmes in Timor-Leste. Not only in terms of the financial value of our support, but because the topic is fundamental to the sustainable development of the Timorese economy. The European Union gives great importance to the contribution of civil society in overseeing public finances, to its ability to hold the authorities to account when necessary and to defend the interests of citizens. This is why budget literacy is so important, said Mr. Andrew Jacobs, EU Ambassador to Timor-Leste.

The EU-supported PFMO programme includes two components.  Through Component 1 the EU provides budget support, while Component 2 consists of technical assistance targeted at both state and non-state actors, aimed at strengthening the participation of national entities in decision-making process and in the supervision of public finances, with a view to improving public service delivery.


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