Delegation of the European Union to Afghanistan

Prevention is essential to stop Afghan corruption

Kabul, 16/04/2017 - 07:47, UNIQUE ID: 170416_1
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Afghanistan has a deep and bleeding wound that is threatening the self-reliance of the Afghan state. That wound is corruption – and the bleeding needs to stop as highlighted by President Ashraf Ghani the hope lies with the new generation of young Afghans who want to break away from the culture of patronage and corruption. The EU in Afghanistan believes in a new generation with a new attitude. Therefore the EU today launches the third theme of its 2017 anti-corruption campaign focussing on prevention of corruption in Afghanistan.

"The fight against corruption has to be fought in multiple arenas at the same time. Alongside ending impunity we need to do more to prevent corruption. Fighting corruption must be fought from the top will need support from below by the Afghan people. Here critical media and civil society organisations can play a key role by holding public officials accountable'" says European Union Special Representative if Afghanistan, Ambassador Franz-Michael Mellbin.

The Government must make sure that proper integrity measures for the civil service employees are introduced, that robust oversight mechanisms are in place and that there is transparency into the work of the public administration.

"Prevention is also more education and about giving Afghans – also in the rural areas – better tools to report corruption without having to fear repercussions. Good things are happening, but more is needed to empower the fight against corruption. A strong implementation of the Access to Information Law must be given priority" states Ambassador Mellbin.


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